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Tim Sherwood's Post-Match Comments After Tottenham's Defeat To Arsenal

Tim Sherwood was looking for positives from Tottenham’s performance against Arsenal in his post-match comments at White Hart Lane. While disappointed that Spurs were unable to recover from Rosicky’s early goal, he felt that the players had shown character and deserved something from the game.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Sherwood said,

We were better than them. I thought we played well, we created chances, played on the front foot and defended together. I think the result for Arsenal is going to paper over a lot of cracks, they were outplayed today and they’ve got to admit that. We’ve outplayed Arsenal and they’re title contenders.”

When speaking to the club’s Twitter account, @SpursOfficial, he said,

If we’d scored, the roof would have come off and I’m sure we’d have gone on to win. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get that breakthrough.

He had got the desired response from his players following two poor performances against Chelsea and Benfica but unfortunately not the result he wanted. He was positive, however, about the prospects for the remaining game of the season saying,

If we produce that level of performance between now and the end of the season, I’m confident we’ll accumulate a lot of points.

Sandro was quoted on @SpursOfficial, saying,

“We feel sad. We showed passion and gave everything. We have to stay together. I know the fans are with us.”

Captain, Younes Kaboul tweeted,

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  • Tony Borg

    Arsenal we’re outplayed by a bad Spurs side, it was only the fact that Tim Sherwood is tactically unaware that Arsenal came away with all three points. As soon as Sagna got booked Townsend should have been put on the left to torment him, Sagna wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere near him fearing a second yellow, failing putting Townsend on the left he should have brought on Lennon in place of Chadli, Chadli couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Sagna would have been all at sea with one of those two running at him. So what does he do? NEITHER. NOTHING. Tactically unaware.

    • Logan Holmes

      Thought the substitutions were poor and too late. As you say Lennon would have been better option – Sigurdsson brought nothing to the game and by the time he decided to put on Soldado, Arsenal were bringing on more defensively minded players so there was no chance of him linking with Adebayor in final 8 minutes.

  • Spurs8

    Think Spurs will have to replace TS. The last few months have confirmed you can’t really have a rookie manager at this level.