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Tim Sherwood On Emmanuel Adebayor and Other Tottenham Players

Tim Sherwood has had a lot to say this week and after the match against Arsenal he praised Emmanuel Adebayor but his remarks about some of the other players will have been less acceptable.

Tim Sherwood is rapidly taking over the mantle of Harry Redknapp with a comment for every occasion and becoming a dream for every reporter. Following the defeat to Arsenal at White Hart Lane, he told the @SpursOfficial twitter account,

We didn’t deserve to lose. I can’t fault the lads’ effort, they were fantastic and the fans were magnificent.

Tim On Emmanuel Adebayor

The manager had praise for Emmanuel Adebayor after his performance against Arsenal. @MiguelDelaney, a football writer for ESPN and the Independent on Sunday reported Sherwood saying,

I think Adebayor is world class. We’re playing to him as much as we possibly can. I think he’s got world-class mentality. He’s a true leader. I’m only commenting on what I’ve seen since I’ve been here, not what’s gone on before.

Adebayor worked tirelessly as the lone striker against the two Arsenal central defenders and worked all across the pitch in trying to create space and link up play for Spurs. In the final minutes, he brought the only save from the Arsenal goalkeeper with a shot from the edge of the penalty area. It was only in the last few minutes that Tim Sherwood opted to send on Roberto Soldado to provide an additional attacking option but by then it was too late.

Tim On Other Players

Having praised Adebayor, Sherwood’s remark concerning some of the other players will not have been as well received and will raise questions about the future of certain players at White Hart Lane. He commented,

Some of these are internationals and world class but they may not be my cup of tea. Everyone’s got different methods.

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