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Tottenham Fans Views On Tim Sherwood's Comments

Tim Sherwood showed passion and commitment as a player and now as a young manager he expects his players to show the same level of endeavour but when they failed to do that at Chelsea he vented his anger and frustration in his post-match press interviews. Here are the Spurs fans’ reaction to the manager’s comments.

Many Tottenham supporters on Twitter gave their full backing to Tim Sherwood, agreeing with what he said.

Neil Reid @nr_reid tweeted:

Tim Sherwood is a leader and passionate. He was right to call them out. Fair play its called balls just like when he played. My opinion.

Jonathan @Jonathan_THFC was in total agreement with Sherwood’s actions and comments, tweeting:

Sherwood really impressed me yesterday. For the first time he understood the consequences of an awful defeat. Something AVB could never do.

SimonM @SimonM59 tweeted:

Jay Yiddo Yiddo Yid @ryantegan tweeted support for Sherwood speaking his mind but is less certain of his future at the club:

Don’t be fooled. TS has nothing to lose by speaking the way he did. He doesn’t have the job like the press said he did.

Others were less sure that Sherwood took the right course of action following the team’s capitulation, gifting Chelsea four goals through individual errors.

Terry Winter @terry_winter tweeted:

So Sherwood is furious at yesterday’s capitulation? No hint that he bears even a little responsibility. Blame everyone else Tim.

HarryDean. @Harold_Hudeani wondered what the response from the players will be and offered two possibilities in his tweet:

Robert Glentworth @Boggo1 wasn’t impressed by Sherwood and compared him with the Chelsea manager as he tweeted:

Mourinho would never have given the Sherwood interview publicly, you have to create a siege mentality of us against them within the group.

Paul O’Keefe @pokeefe1 disagreed with Sherwood’s actions but was in total agreement with his comments on the team. He tweeted:

Amazed at Tim’s post match interview. It’s not the ‘done’ thing. Sad part is he’s right but you don’t say it publicly when you are the boss.

@HotspurRelated reported Glenn Hoddle’s view, the Tottenham legend said,

He was very honest but that’s something you say in dressing room to players. You might come out, disguise what your feelings are.

What are your thoughts on Tim Sherwood’s comments, should he have spoken out like that to the media immediately after the game?

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