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Time Running Out For Tim Sherwood At Tottenham Amid Growing Rumours

Tim Sherwood’s time as Tottenham manager appears to be drawing to a close. His outspoken comments following Spurs’ dismal capitulation against Chelsea was a clear indication that all was not well with the team and within the club.

It was Alan, in one of his blog’s at the time of the appointment of Tim Sherwood last December, who suggested that the 18-month contract given to Sherwood was a convenient way to get Daniel Levy out of his immediate problem but not tie him to the manager for too long if things didn’t work out and a more suitable candidate became available after the summer’s World Cup finals. It would appear that that could well be the case.

At the time, I suggested that Sherwood held all the cards as Tottenham were unable to entice any of the managers they considered appropriate to come immediately as a replacement for Andre Villas-Boas. Sherwood wasn’t prepared to take on the post as an interim/caretaker manager but with no other option immediately available to Mr Levy, to avoid losing face, he had to make the appointment permanent, although it appears that it is going to be a temporary one after all as Sherwood’s position becomes weaker by the day.

After initial promising results in the league, the Cup defeat to Arsenal raised concerns as the team were never in the game and went out timidly to their near neighbours. For a north London derby the FA Cup 3rd Round tie was a non-event. Under Sherwood, Spurs have managed to get results against most teams although at times were undeserving of the three points but in the ‘big’ matches there has been a complete lack of passion or fight as they capitulated to a succession of heavy defeats. The game against Chelsea was possibly one of the team’s better performances against a top-4 side until the players shot themselves in the foot with calamitous mistakes which Chelsea punished them for and accepted gratefully.


From the time of his appointment, there have been constant rumours in the media of other managers being linked to Tottenham – the Dutch manager, Louis van Gall, according to The Guardian, is one of a number of managers who have been suggested as possible appointees next summer. The sacked Swansea manager, Michael Laudrup, was suggested, Frank de Boer turned Spurs down in January according to The Telegraph while the Italian manager, Cesare Prandelli is also a possible candidate according to reports in the Italian press, reported by Eurosport.

Sherwood’s comments after the game at Stamford raised many eyebrows as it is so unusual for a manager to publicly criticise his team. Many fans approved of his actions as he was only saying what they have been thinking for some time. Sherwood’s remark that there were some players he could trust and some he couldn’t shone a light on the situation within the team and the relationship of some players with the manager.

The manager’s position continues to come under pressure with unconfirmed rumours on Tottenham messageboards of problems within the the squad.

Tottenham knew that the month of March was going to be a defining time in their quest for a Champions League place which was Sherwood’s goal for his time as manager. With that looking very unlikely to happen and with growing rumours of unrest within the squad, Tim Sherwood looks very unlikely to be the Tottenham manager next season. Presumably, Daniel Levy will keep him in post until May and then bring out his highly sharpened axe.

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