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Latest Tottenham Match Of Shame With Consequences For The Future

Tottenham concede another four goals at Chelsea as another ‘Match of Shame’ unfolds with consequences for the future.

Chelsea 4 Tottenham Hotspur 0 –  The Latest Match of Shame

I texted a mate in the first 5 minutes accurately predicting the final score. Having been at the Liverpool game, I could tell which Tottenham team had turned up and which way the match would go. At times like this, I am glad HotspurHQ has Logan to write the main match reports as the game is taking place. I would have trouble keeping my emotions under control and might say something I would regret. Like Tim Sherwood. You have probably seen his immediate after match response in BBC Sport.

“Ain’t gonna finish top 4 if we can’t beat the top teams. Ain’t gonna happen. Miles away, miles away. There has been too many blips. You are talking about 4th, the club’s talking about 4th. Wake up.”

He also said the team has lack of characters:

“There’s a few I’d count on, a few I wouldn’t.”

Mourinho’s post-match comments as reported on Twitter by @HotspurRelated were damning, dismissive and coldly accurate. He had no axe to grind at this point and starkly presented the key home truth about us.

“They are a team with great control in possession but they don’t hurt people”.

As most of us feared, the failure to buy a top striker during the winter transfer window of Harry Redknapp’s trial to play alongside Bale meant we failed to qualify for the Champions League. When we failed to do so again in Bale’s last season, it contributed to him leaving. It meant we could not secure our top transfer targets for the second summer on the trot. We hoped and some of us thought that the good players we spent his fee on would successfully plug the gap he left but in the final analysis they didn’t.

Now its odds on the best of them will be off this summer. I can’t see us keeping Hugo Lloris, who has been exceptional, or Jan Vertonghen who has class but is clearly uncomfortable being played at left back.

Our first choice targets went for the Champions League with Chelsea and Manchester City. You can’t blame them. Against Chelsea our record signing was nowhere to be seen and our second record signing who until last week couldn’t buy a goal was back on the bench. Whichever way you cut it, that has turned out to be £65 million wasted.

In my last diary I wrote on Saturday that we were going to need luck against Chelsea. That applies even more now against Arsenal and Liverpool if the same thing is not going to happen yet again.

The wife is being admitted to hospital on Friday which means I have had to cancel a trip to the Arsenal game. Probably just as well.

I am always trying to be positive about Tottenham’s prospects, some readers have said unrealistically so. I think the truth is we will be still only in the market for second string players this summer with a new stadium to pay for. It could be that we have already started a long and serious slide. The owners are I think going to have to adjust their priorities to ensure long term financial survival. This season was our last chance of Champions League football for the foreseeable future and barring one of those football miracles, we have blown it.

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