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Euro 2016 Draw Rant: Who’d Want To Pay To Watch England’s Opponents


Euro 2016 Draw Rant: Who’d Want To Pay To Watch England’s Opponents?

I don’t generally go to watch tribute bands. I’d happily play in one, or sit in on a number or two just to prove to myself I could do it but I’d rather see the real thing. I might pop in to a local club or pub if I was passing but I certainly would not pay full price to go and see someone impersonating Pink Floyd or the Eagles at a major venue.

By the same token, I have never been a regular watcher of football in the lower divisions. Having been spoilt by being a fan of a top league club since I was a child, I had no desire to spend my wages on watching a lower level of game. When I was younger, there was an element of why would I want to pay to watch players who weren’t that much better than me? I’d rather play in the local 5-a-sides with my mates or for work teams.

As I got older I felt a bit guilty for not going with friends and colleagues to watch Bournemouth but by then the die was cast.

Euro 2016 Draw

That brings me to the Euro 2016 draw. I must admit it has caught me on the hop. As the teams came out of the hat, I was waiting for a half decent team to come out in England’s group. At first, as the minnows emerged, Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia, I was rubbing my hands; potential banana skins but the opportunity for us to ensure we achieve at least 2nd place in the qualifying group.

Then out popped Lithuania and San Marino and that was it. You must be joking. That really is taking the mickey. Who in their right mind is going to pay to go to Wembley to watch England play that shower? We might as well be playing the Isle of Wight and Jersey.

They are bound to be televised too. Not only will Wembley be at least half empty unless they give tickets away but the worst case scenario is that the away teams will park the bus and sneak a result. It could be the embarrassment of “Mrs. Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Bobby
Charlton, your boys have been beaten” all over again.

Only this time it would be “David Cameron, Tony Blair, Steve McLaren, Simon Cowell, Ant and Dec”. If you suspect England players have been feigning injury to put their clubs first and avoid games they don’t fancy in the past, wait until they are given the opportunity to play against this lot.

What Else Can they Ruin?

They well and truly screwed over the FA Cup. They are more than half way to doing the same with the World Cup in the desert. They turned the grand old European Cup into a mini-league to include runners up and third and fourth place no-hopers and now they have done for the Euros.

Oh yes we also have clubs under owners that don’t understand the game, flooding them with foreign imports and destroying their identity and heritage. I don’t think there is anything else left to ruin. Nice one.

Greg Dyke has a hell of a lot on his plate all right.

Will you be going to Wembley for the Euro Games?

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