Christain Eriksen [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Tottenham: Tim Sherwood - “Christian Eriksen Wasn’t Dropped”

The absence of Christian Eriksen from recent Tottenham teams raised a few questions among supporters but manager Tim Sherwood cleared up the matter last night.

Christian Eriksen was restored to the Spurs team on the appointment of Sherwood as replacement for Andre Villas-Boas. He came into the team for the match at Southampton and played well in a run of games which saw Spurs undefeated in the league until the visit of Manchester City to White Hart Lane.

Having enjoyed such a successful run in the team when he scored against West Brom and at Old Trafford as well as against Crystal Palace. He was instrumental in creating scoring opportunities for Emmanuel Adebayor so it was a surprise to see him omitted from the team in recent weeks.

Further concerns were voiced after last weekend’s defeat at Norwich when as Spurs struggled to breakdown a disciplined home defence and in desperate need of a creative influence, the manager opted to leave Eriksen sitting on the bench.

Europa League

Eriksen was re-instated in the Spurs team for the Europa League match against FC Dnipro and while it took Spurs a considerable time to get into their stride, Eriksen was a constant threat to the visitor’s well-drilled defence. He troubled Juande Ramos’ team in the first half and and it was his free-kick which ignited Spurs as they drew level on the night.

The Danish international then provided the pass which enabled Adebayor to put Spurs ahead and set them up to complete an amazing comeback, with three goals in 13 minutes.

Questioned about Eriksen’s performance in the match with a goal and an assist, Sherwood said he was pleased, “He was given a rest and came in – he wasn’t dropped. There is healthy competition in the squad, everybody’s playing, nobody knows who’s in the team until it’s announced.”

If Eriksen maintains the level of performance he displayed against Dnipro, it will be very difficult for Sherwood to ‘rest’ him again.

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  • Spurs360

    Always think the manager knows more about what’s going on with players, injuries, tiredness, etc than anyone else, so I’m reluctant to second guess them on selections, most of the time.

    • Logan Holmes

      Only the manager knows how a player is responding in training, whether he has slight injury concerns or how’s he’s coping with the busy run of matches.

  • pablodan

    I dont get it. Why not play your strongest team?
    If a player is playing well why [rest} DROP him?
    When the team are disjointed,creating NO chances and generally poor,why not change it?
    Also Dim did NOT say Eriksen was tired,he said he rested him. Why rest Eriksen who has generally been good,but continuosly play Bentaleb who is inexperienced and has been rather poor?
    So him saying he is resting players is total B.S.
    Against Norwich we were worse than ANY game under AVB.
    Yet Dim Deadwood and the other muppet Sir Les had absolutely NO clue what to do about it.
    This was not the first time the coaching staff have not known what to do about a poor performance.
    Yet people are calling for him to stay on as manager.
    I would bet a million pounds that if Tim Sherwood was foriegn,these same people would be screaming for his head.

    • Logan Holmes

      You’ve some very valid points there – the team played well with Eriksen in it but after a good performance at Newcastle in his absence, were poor against Norwich so with him on the bench it would have been an idea to bring him on to add creativity to the team.

      For a young player, Bentaleb showed great energy in the team but last weekend it was him who was in need of a rest.

      We questioned AVB’s lack of Plan ‘B’ but Sherwood certainly doesn’t have one and at times when the team starts so sluggishly I’m uncertain about Plan ‘A’ .