The Klinsmann celebration [Photo: Logan Holmes]

The Tottenham Legends Question - Your Views

Over the past week I raised the question of whether five Tottenham players from different eras were regarded as Legends to stand alongside those players who are widely accepted as as enjoying such status.

The five players who were under review for legendary Tottenham status were:

Darren Anderton (1992-2004)
John Pratt (1965-1980)
Jurgen Klinsmann (1994-95 and 1998)
Robbie Keane (2002-2008 and 2009-11)
Ray Clemence (1971-1978)

Robbie Keane lifts the Carling Cup [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Robbie Keane lifts the Carling Cup [Photo: Logan Holmes]

The overwhelming view of HotspurHQ readers who voted on the daily polls was that four should be regarded as legends with only goalkeeper Ray Clemence missing out on the accolade.

An interesting point is that while the readers voted in favour, the comments on Facebook provided a negative viewpoint on certain players, especially on Robbie Keane.

On Facebook, Trevor Ball commented in favour of Robbie Keane, and was taken to task.

One of the best players we ever had and as far as I’m concerned def a legend. When I look at him as far as I’m concerned done this club proud I know he went to Liverpool but only to top up his pension at least he didn’t go when he was scoring us goals every week.

The main objection to Keane was his move to Liverpool in the summer of 2008 as Amit Badini commented,

A decent player for us but No chance a legend…and was ready to run to his ‘boyhood club’ Liverpool when they came in for him..

as did Michael Sullivan,

No, had too many boyhood clubs.

Darryl Lucas was strong in his rejection of any suggestion of Keane being a legend.

I’m surprised someone even said he was, wasn’t consistent enough, wasn’t loyal enough as he demonstrated by going off for his “boyhood club”, comparing him to Greavsie, Perryman, King and co is a joke.

Of the votes cast Darren Anderton had 70% regarding him as a legend while John Pratt received 67% support. In spite of the opposition expressed on Facebook and Twitter, Robbie Keane had a vote of 78% in support. Although only at White Hart Lane for a brief period, Jurgen Klinnsmann received the gretest support with 88% acknowledging him as a Legend.

No to Clemence!

The vote on Ray Clemence was the closest but 55% voted against and Matt’s comments on the HotspurHQ article possibly explains why the England international goalkeeper missed out.

No! He was an Anfield legend. To be fair to Ray, he certainly gave us half a dozen years of good service (although injured in 1984), but was also on the downside of his career when he joined us, having been replaced by Bruce Grobbelaar at Liverpool in 1981. Although he was undoubtedly a fine keeper, there also remains for me the lingering feeling that even his status and reputation at Liverpool were slightly inflated by the quality of the defence and indeed whole team in front of him. Notwithstanding the fact that he won 61 England caps, I personally never rated him in quite the same class as Peter Shilton or for that matter our own great Pat Jennings, a true Spurs legend.

Older Tottenham supporters appear to be more selective in allotting legendary status having had the joy of witnessing the skill of Greaves, Mackay, Hoddle, Perryman and many more. Younger fans who have not been so fortunate look to the players they have seen, the best of whom they regard as legends.

Thanks for voting and your contribution to the debate. We must do it again some time. COYS!

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