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Tottenham Quiz: The 'L' Team - Players Whose Surnames Begin With...

The Tottenham ‘L’ Team quiz – eleven questions on Spurs players whose surnames begin with the letter ‘L’.

A team of 11 Tottenham players, past and present, whose surnames begin with the letter ‘L’. With a limited number of players to select from, some players will not be in their regular positions in a team set out in a traditional 2-3-5 formation.

You get one point for the player’s name and 1 for answering each question correctly.

The answers can be found on the link at the question. I hope you enjoy the trip down Memory Lane.

 Tottenham Quiz – The Spurs ‘L’ Team


1. Against which team did this goalkeeper make his Tottenham debut?  (1 point)  Answer

R B: C L

2. Signed as a striker but also appeared at full back. From which team did Spurs sign him?  (1 point)  Answer

L B: Y-P L

3. A left-back signed from a club in Holland, which Tottenham manager signed him in the summer of 2005? (1 point) Answer

R H: R L

4. What is this midfield player’s claim to Tottenham fame? (1 point)  Answer

C D: J L

5. Which club did this central defender join on leaving Tottenham?  (1 point)  Answer

L H: J L

6. This young midfield player scored for Tottenham at Wembley. Against which team did he score that goal? (1 point)  Answer

R M: A L

7. This winger has scored more than one goal in a match on only one occasion for Spurs. Against which team did he score twice? (1 point)  Answer

I R: M L

8. This young midfield player made only one appearance for Tottenham, as a substitute. What brought him disappointment in that game? (1 point)  Answer

C F: G L

10. Against which team did this international striker score 9 League and Cup goals for Spurs including a hat-trick? (1 point)  Answer

I L: O L

10. Against which London team did this midfield player make his Tottenham debut on the opening day of the 1999 season?  (1 point)  Answer

L M: E L

11. Against which team did this player score his first Tottenham goal? (1 point)  Answer

Subs: Terry Lee (goalkeeper), Bert Lyons (full-back), Harry Lowe (half-back), George Ludford (half-back), Dave Leworthy (striker)


The answers can be found at the links in the question.

How did you get on?

Are you a Tottenham Cockerel or a Chirpy on Spurs ‘L’-Team?

10 – 22 points:  Tottenham Cockerel

1 – 9:   Chirpy

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