Spurs' New stadium [Photo: Logan Holmes]

News on Tottenham's New Stadium Expected Soon

Tottenham's new stadium [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tottenham’s new stadium [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tottenham fans will be pleased to hear that there could be news on the development of the Spurs stadium in the near future.

News on Tottenham’s New Stadium Expected Soon

A small snippet of news in Charles Sale’s Sports Agenda of today’s Daily Mail could bring some good news for Tottenham and their impatient supporters awaiting news on the club’s proposals for the development of a new stadium. A decision on a possible start date for the new stadium could be announced soon.

A decision is expected to be made soon by Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, on the compulsory purchase order made by Haringey Council for a family-run business on the site of the proposed development. The inability of the parties concerned to reach agreement on the issue has been holding up any movement on the building work for the new stadium.

It had been expected that Tottenham would have been putting the construction work for the stadium out to tender once the Sainsbury’s supermarket had been completed. The supermarket was the first part of the Northumberland Development Project  (NDP) which has been on-going since 2007 and once completed would  be followed by the construction of the new ground. Tottenham Hotspur had originally planned to move into the new stadium, whilst it is partially built, for the beginning of the 2012–13 season.

With no news coming from Tottenham on the progress of the projector any indication of work starting on the building go the stadium, supporters had started to question whether Spurs would ever move into a new ground.

If a decision is made on this issue, it would be another step towards the completion of the NDP.

I don’t know whether there can be any further appeals after the Department have made their determination but if this hurdle is crossed then it would allow the club to put the building work out to tender once the recently appointed architects have finalised the interior design of the stadium.

When I wrote an article last month questioning whether we would ever see Spurs in a new stadium, a source did tell me that some news was expected soon. If this decision goes in favour of the stadium development it would be an encouraging sign that a new stadium was getting ever closer.

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  • sheikh352

    Having already been kept waiting for seven years, we could hardly be described as “impatient”!

    • Logan Holmes

      It was in the sense of being impatient for news as with no information being forthcoming, we tend to jump to our own conclusions. COYS!

  • spurs62

    Just saw a piece about the new stadium. There had been rumours that construction would start in November this year. But Spurs have said there is no start date yet, and that they are currently waiting for the compulsory purchase order decision, which is due quite soon.

  • spurs62

    Googled the NDP and found lots of official documents. One contained cost breakdowns.
    Phase 1, northern development, supermarket, etc £45m.
    Phase 2, stadium £305m.
    Phase 3, southern development, new homes, etc £80m.
    Total cost £430m.
    The new stadium cost at the Olympic site was quoted at £250m for a 60,000 capacity.
    The new stadium at the NDP is around 56,000 capacity. The extra cost could be due to the awkward phasing to allow Spurs to play at WHL, and then the partly built stadium, during all the re-building. Although it does seem a lot. There must be other factors too.
    Also found a piece about Spurs maybe playing at Wembley during the re-building to speed things up, and reduce costs.
    Also the story about a possible American Football tie-in, and a capacity of over 60,000.