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Tottenham And Tim Sherwood Benefit From One Rule for the Rich…

A month ago, I wrote on HotspurHQ concerning the fact that Tim Sherwood hadn’t taken his coaching badges. At that time I wrote,

‘I have just read that Tim Sherwood has never completed his coaching badges, so is not officially qualified to manage Spurs. I was initially comfortable with the idea of him being given the chance to take us through to the end of season, particularly since we didn’t seem to have a succession plan in place.

However, failing to take his qualifications proves Sherwood’s judgement is not up to the mark. He expects Spurs’ owners to back him as a special case to continue to manage whilst he takes the qualifications. The club should not be put in that position. He should have done it in advance. The rules on this issue were settled long ago….’

Now it appears that Sherwood is benefiting from

One Rule for the Rich…

I knew we hadn’t heard the last of this one.

The Guardian has reported that James Beattie has complained about being fined £20,000 (£15,000 of it suspended) for managing Accrington Stanley without the UEFA B qualification.

They said they want to make an example of the club and set it as a precedent. If you go after the smallest club in the league with the smallest turnover and the one with the lowest budget to make a statement then that sort of says it all really.

He pointed out that Tim Sherwood doesn’t have the UEFA Pro licence.

I know people have been given special dispensation. I don’t think Tim has the qualifications to manage Spurs. Nothing has happened there has it?

Be fair, he’s got a point hasn’t he?

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