A new stadium [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Will Tottenham Build A New Stadium?

The limited capacity of White Hart Lane leaves Tottenham lagging behind the other top teams in England. Spurs need a larger ground. Will they build a new stadium?


[Photo: Logan Holmes]

[Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tottenham can have a maximum attendance of 36, 284 at White Hart Lane. The old stadium is near capacity for most Premier League matches but in comparison to Manchester United with an average attendance of 75,387 at Old Trafford and Arsenal with average gates of 60,000 at the Emirates the matchday revenue raised by Tottenham pales significantly compared with their rivals.

It is clear that financially Tottenham are in need of a new stadium. The limited capacity of White Hart Lane has left Tottenham lagging behind the top clubs both in England and around Europe.

Northumberland Development Project

Tottenham stated in 2007 that it was considering options for increasing stadium capacity involving redevelopment of the current site or a move to a new site. There have been many distractions and difficulties along the way with regards to planning permission, transport issues in the borough, funding and local objectors. Planning permission has been received and the first part of the Northumberland Development Project which provides for the regeneration of the Tottenham area, has been put in place with the opening of the Sainsbury’s supermarket in the far corner of the land, most of which is in the possession of the club.

On completion of the supermarket, it was anticipated that steps were then to be put in place for the commencement of the stadium by putting the building work out to tender but that currently appears to have stalled. A number of months ago Tottenham appointed new architects to look look at the interior design and fitting of the proposed ground which will cause a further delay in the process.

The development of a new stadium will be a number of years away once the green light has been given for the project and the club is still some distance from being at that stage.

While other clubs have expanded their grounds or built a new stadium, Tottenham have spent a great deal of time, effort and money in considering what they should do, including a rejected application to take over the Olympic Stadium. In reality there’s no great sense that the club will be in a new stadium within the next ten years or that a decision or announcement on the matter is in any way imminent.

Another wasted decade as the rich get richer and Tottenham try to hold onto their coat-tails without a stadium generating the financial support that a top club requires.

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