A new stadium [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Will Tottenham Build A New Stadium?

The limited capacity of White Hart Lane leaves Tottenham lagging behind the other top teams in England. Spurs need a larger ground. Will they build a new stadium?


[Photo: Logan Holmes]

[Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tottenham can have a maximum attendance of 36, 284 at White Hart Lane. The old stadium is near capacity for most Premier League matches but in comparison to Manchester United with an average attendance of 75,387 at Old Trafford and Arsenal with average gates of 60,000 at the Emirates the matchday revenue raised by Tottenham pales significantly compared with their rivals.

It is clear that financially Tottenham are in need of a new stadium. The limited capacity of White Hart Lane has left Tottenham lagging behind the top clubs both in England and around Europe.

Northumberland Development Project

Tottenham stated in 2007 that it was considering options for increasing stadium capacity involving redevelopment of the current site or a move to a new site. There have been many distractions and difficulties along the way with regards to planning permission, transport issues in the borough, funding and local objectors. Planning permission has been received and the first part of the Northumberland Development Project which provides for the regeneration of the Tottenham area, has been put in place with the opening of the Sainsbury’s supermarket in the far corner of the land, most of which is in the possession of the club.

On completion of the supermarket, it was anticipated that steps were then to be put in place for the commencement of the stadium by putting the building work out to tender but that currently appears to have stalled. A number of months ago Tottenham appointed new architects to look look at the interior design and fitting of the proposed ground which will cause a further delay in the process.

The development of a new stadium will be a number of years away once the green light has been given for the project and the club is still some distance from being at that stage.

While other clubs have expanded their grounds or built a new stadium, Tottenham have spent a great deal of time, effort and money in considering what they should do, including a rejected application to take over the Olympic Stadium. In reality there’s no great sense that the club will be in a new stadium within the next ten years or that a decision or announcement on the matter is in any way imminent.

Another wasted decade as the rich get richer and Tottenham try to hold onto their coat-tails without a stadium generating the financial support that a top club requires.

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Will Tottenham Have a New Stadium by 2025?

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  • Paul

    We need the club to come up with a statement in regards to this matter

    • Logan Holmes

      Agreed. We need an indication from the club that progress is being made on the development of the stadium.

      • Geof Edmonds

        For Spurs to be the centre of English and European football it depends on two things:
        1) Everything is in place for London Underground to upgrade White Hart Lane Station for use on the Victoria Line.
        2) The new stadium must have a capacity of around 65,000.

        We need then both!!

  • Joanne Bush James Bush

    I was of the understanding that work was supposed to be completed next yr 2015 !! Well thanks to levy and his wanting to make money now project , ill have to wait even longer just to see Spurs play at the lane .
    Just get on with it Lewis/Levy , and the money will flow even more ! even us poor un-knowledgeable JO’s can see that holding on to your pennies now is not pushing this club forward , and on to greater riches…………….TTID…..COYS………………..

    • Logan Holmes

      Yes – it had been suggested that it would be completed by around 2016 and that as soon as the supermarket was completed that tendering for the construction of the ground would be undertaken. With new architects and new plans for the interior of the stadium I would have thought that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

  • jambreck

    “In reality there’s no great sense that the club will be in a new stadium within the next ten years”

    In what reality would that be?

    Because in the reality that I live in, it would be massively surprising if Spurs aren’t in a new stadium within the next five years, let alone the next ten.

    Of course it’s frustrating that this project has taken / is taking a long time. But it’s inevitable that a project of this size cannot be rushed. You talk about other clubs moving to new stadia but you cannot point me in the direction of a club that has successfully embarked upon a similarly ambitious and potentially risky project as this without also enduring long delays. It took Arsenal 11 years before they moved into their new stadium. Liverpool have been trying to move or redevelop for 7 years. Chelsea likewise. Why should Spurs be any different?

    No one better understands Spurs’ need for a new stadium than Daniel Levy. But there’s also no one who better understands that everything has to be right about the project before he gives it the green light. Get it wrong and the club could suffer the consequences for decades.

    • cfr26

      It would have been a surprise to anyone in 2007 that we’re not in by now. The amount of replanning and prevaricating is breaktaking. ENIC should never have abandoned Sugar’s (approved East Stand) plan to expand WHL to 44,000 back at the turn of the century. The West Stand could then have been extended for a further 6-7,000 seats, making 51,000 years ago.

      • jambreck

        It might be a surprise to you that we aren’t already settled in a new stadium. But anyone who understands the complexity and risk involved in as big a project as the NDP for such a modestly sized company as THFC will have known perfectly well that it would take time – just as it took Arsenal time; just as it is taking Liverpool and Chelsea time.

        If you want an example of what can happen when a club gets it badly wrong, look at Valencia. Their new stadium is a shell that has been on hold for six years. It has left them with more than £300 million of debt which they are unable to service and they have systematically sold their best players over recent years.

        As to Sugar’s plan to redevelop the Shelf side, it was a short term plan that would still have left Spurs needing to build a new stadium. It would have delivered neither the overall capacity nor the quality of corporate facilities to allow Spurs to compete with the likes of Arsenal or Chelsea.

    • Logan Holmes

      Thanks for your thoughts on the new stadium.

      There had been a suggestion of completion by around 2016 but that’s not going to happen now. We had the diversion of the Olympic Stadium bid and now with new architects to look at redesigning the interior of the stadium – it all seems like delaying tactics.

      When I posed the question, I had been going to put ‘by 2020″ but realised that was only 6 years away.

      No-one wants Spurs to rush into anything in what has been a very difficult time for raising funds for such a large project. The club needs a larger stadium but it is still some considerable time away with no indication that any significant progress will be made in the near future.

      It had been said that once the supermarket was completed that would be the time to put the construction work on the stadium out to tender but that must be on hold.

      Hopefully, we will see some announcement soon from the club to give us an indication of their latest time scale for the project.

  • Pierre Sternegård

    No way.. if it hasn’t happened yet it wont happen ahead in time either.

    • Logan Holmes

      Certainly, it feels like that!

  • glenisterscott96

    There’s always an apologist or two waiting in the wings where Levy is concerned, isn’t there?

    7 years on and not a brick laid. It’s pathetic!

    • jambreck

      Apologist? Or just someone who actually understands what an enormous project this is for a company the size of Spurs and that pressing the green light before we are in a proper position to do so could have dire and far reaching consequences for the club? Have you even thought about why it took Arsenal 11 years to do what we’re trying to do or why Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton – among others – are all also still waiting to build new stadiums, despite years of trying?

      • Logan Holmes

        jambreck – many thanks for your contribution to the article on the stadium. Can I use your comments in a follow up piece?

        • jambreck

          No problem, fella. Use whatever you want.

          • Logan Holmes

            Thanks for that. COYS!

  • truth

    when the fans drop the Y-word, the club will have decent sponsors.