Tim Sherwood [Photo: Alan Hill]

Tottenham's Tim Sherwood vs Swansea's Michael Laudrup

When Andre Villas-Boas was sacked last month, Michael Laudrup, the Swansea manager, was one of the names put forward as a possible replacement. Now Tim Sherwood is in charge at White Hart Lane.

It was great to get another 3 points at Swansea. Equal 4th. The best away run since Bill Nicholson’s days. We have caught up with Liverpool, a remarkable recovery from the match of shame. We are starting to look like a team instead of a bunch of strangers. Dare we hope we could get revenge against Man City? Sunday’s performance at least gave me hope. Nothing’s impossible. Eriksen gets better with every game and Adebayor is holding on to his form for now.

Laudrup v Sherwood

Michael Laudrup [Photo: Alan Hill]

Michael Laudrup [Photo: Alan Hill]

I can’t help but feel sorry for Michael Laudrup. The pundits are saying he has been rumbled, along with other foreign coaches like Andre Villas-Boas who arrived with their projects of pretty possession football.

They say opponents have realised that you can let them have all the possession they like on their side of the half way line, moving ever sideways and back.

The stats for Sunday’s match show that Swansea with 642 passes outpassed Spurs who completed 499 passes. The home side also had more possession than Tottenham in both halves, 55.3% in the first half and 57.2% after the interval.

At the moment they are feting Sherwood’s more English direct approach. The thing is, Laudrup doesn’t want to go just sideways and back. He has a small squad and is missing his best forward. He hasn’t been able to play Michu and Bony together.

If he could, Swansea’s situation would be much different. And Sherwood is proving not to be a one-trick pony either, changing players’ positions according to the situation.

It might not be his fault but the strain is now showing on Laudrup’s face, which until Sunday was always relaxed and quick to smile, even in defeat. He now has that haunted look. What a contrast to Tim Sherwood in their post-match interviews.


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