Ossie Ardiles [Photo: Alan Hill]

Tottenham: Ardiles And Villa Recovering After Falklands Car Crash

Ossie And Ricky in Falklands Car Crash

Ricky Villa [Photo: Alan Hill]

Ricky Villa [Photo: Alan Hill]

It was a shock to hear that Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa have been in a car crash on the Falklands Islands of all places. Ossie needed 20 stitches in a head wound and was kept in hospital. He has sent out a message saying he is fine, nevertheless. Ricky was discharged.

Looking at the state of the car, on ITV News, they were very lucky.

Ossie’s son, Pablo, said his father was driving and the car rolled several times when it left the road. According to BBC Sport the former Tottenham players were in the Falklands Islands to film a television documentary, which is being directed by Freddie Ardiles, the younger of the former footballer’s two sons.

Falklands car crash [Photo: Alan Hill]

Falklands car crash [Photo: Alan Hill]

Pablo Ardiles told the Tottenham club web-site,

Thank you for all the messages of support from everywhere on Facebook and Twitter and people who have been messaging me and emailing me. Thank you very much to everyone supporting us. It’s excellent to see people’s reaction in a sense to what’s happened, but thankfully everyone’s fine.

Ossie Ardiles praised the attention and care they received from the police, the RAF helicopter team, the doctors and nurses who had been world class and thanked everyone for their concern.

The latest up-date on Ardiles is that he has been moved to a hospital near Buenos Aires for tests.

The Malvinas have never been lucky for them. If I was them, I’d get out of there and never go back.

Meanwhile, we all wish them well and a speedy recovery.

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