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Tottenham: Reaction To The "Y*ds" Prosecution By Police

Reaction to the police decision to charge three Tottenham supporters for using the term “Y*ds”, a term Spurs fans use with no intention of causing offence to the Jewish Community.

Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary (continued)

FA Quenelle

Wed 22 January: Yesterday the Football Association finally charged Nicholas Anelka for making the alleged anti-Semitic salute. Media outlets say that he has been served with a 35 page legal document relating to the charge and could face a 5 game ban. West Brom will not be paying his legal costs.

“I Don’t Believe It!”

The FA having charged Anelka, the police have gone ahead against the Prime Minister’s express wishes and charged 3 Spurs fans for using the term “Y*ds”.

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It feels like a serious imposition on my freedom that I now have to stick an asterisk in the word for fear of being prosecuted myself. It makes me feel cowardly for not sticking up to them. The whole of the media is similarly running scared. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) alleges the use of the term is an insult to the Jewish community but it is also an insult to some of the Jewish community to be prevented from using it in the context that Tottenham fans do. So there is an argument that makes the police and the CPS just as guilty.

I don’t know how the fans concerned behaved in general and whether they deserved to be charged for some offence but I do believe that the police should have left any reference to this term out of it. In that sense, I hope the accused are found not guilty and this whole issue will go away. The men will appear at Hendon magistrates court on February 4th. Let’s hope the magistrates demonstrate common sense and more respect for the wishes of the Prime Minister than the Crown Prosecution Service. You would think the police would be more reluctant to p*ss him off again so soon after having been found guilty of falsifying evidence against a Minister in the Plebgate affair.

The official Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust has issued this statement on the subject;

“The Board of THST is saddened, but certainly not surprised, at today’s decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to deny the use of the Y word in any context as a prosecutable offence. It remains our firm belief that, when used in a football context by Tottenham Hotspur supporters, there is no intent or desire to offend any member of the Jewish Community.”

Chant “Kids” Instead

If the supporters are found guilty, I suggest Spurs fans find a way of demonstrating the futility of the police’s actions. How about a new chant of “Kids” to be used in all the circumstances when we would have used “Y*ds”. It would be in celebration of Tim Sherwood’s use of players from the Under-21 team and the remarkably talented group of youngsters we have at Tottenham. There is nothing there to give offence but we’ll know why we are doing it. They can’t charge us for using a term that sounds a bit like a word that they don’t like.

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