Clearing snow from the WHL pitch [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Tottenham On This Day: End Of FA Cup Road For Spurs After 14 Games

Tottenham’s unbeaten run in the FA Cup stretching back over two seasons came to an end against Burnley in  the 3rd Round at a snow covered White Hart Lane.

Tottenham On This Day

16th January, 1963

The End of the Road

Tottenham Hotspur 0 Burnley 3 FA Cup 3rd Round

Team: Brown, Baker, Henry, Smith J., Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith R., Greaves, Dyson

It was the end of the road for the successful Spurs FA Cup winning team. After two seasons undefeated in fourteen FA Cup games, Spurs lost comprehensively to Burnley at White Hart Lane.

Only Danny Blanchflower and Terry Medwin, through injury, were missing from the previous seasons’ successful team. John Smith who had been signed from West Ham United in 1960 but had few opportunities to play, replaced Blanchflower while Cliff Jones and Terry Dyson resumed their role on the wings.

The referee has a stern word with Maurice Norman [Photo: Logan Holmes]

The referee has a stern word with Maurice Norman [Photo: Logan Holmes]

It was the winter of the big freeze and Spurs last game had been on Boxing Day. Snow and weather conditions prevented matches being played and only three games took place on 3rd Round day, 5th January. Spurs and Burnley eventually played their tie in mid-January on a Wednesday afternoon. Such were the atrocious weather conditions that the 3rd Round wasn’t completed until 7th March.

Peter Lorenzo’s match report started,

‘Spurs’ long, glorious Cup run which has taken them to two successive Wembley triumphs is over. But in what an inglorious way it ended.

It was a shameful bad-tempered exhibition of punching, kicking and soccer thuggery that disgraced their proud reputation as Britain’s finest footballing ambassadors.’

Spurs started brightly and after 15 minutes a header from Bobby Smith hit the bar but from then on it was Burnley’s match. Seven minutes later Burnley went ahead, they added a second a minute into the second half after which the bad-feeling crept into the game and on 55 minutes Spurs conceded a third. Smith, Dyson, Maurice Norman and Dave Mackay were all involved in what Lorenzo describes as ‘violent scenes’.

The Spurs fans got in on the act by throwing snowballs at Adam Blacklaw the Burnley goalkeeper who had been involved in a fracas with Dyson in the second half.

A disappointing end to a fantastic Cup run for Spurs but the Burnley team had finally gained revenge for their defeats in the FA Cup Semi-final in 1961 and the Final the following year.

January 1963 - clearing snow from WHL [Photo: Logan Holmes]

January 1963 – clearing snow from WHL [Photo: Logan Holmes]

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