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Alan's Diary: Tottenham and Media Quotes to Make You Smile

Alan’s Season Diary 2013-14 continued

Saturday 11 January

Media quotes to make you smile

Just catching up on other writers’ blogs. Giles Smith, always amusing, wrote a piece in the Times on Sat 4 Jan inspired by Tim Sherwood’s comment that we have all played in the street and sometimes you have to take it back to that. In what is a spoof quote from Sherwood’s diary he explains the poor defending of Arsenal’s corner for their 5th goal. He says the entire team suddenly ran over to the touchline and just stood there. Michael Dawson’s explanation was,

Somebody shouted “car” boss.

Brilliant. Takes me back to my street urchin days in London.

David Moyes has been charged by the FA over his comments about the refereeing of the Sunderland game. (See previous blog where it identifies the ban given to Ferguson in similar circumstances). Moyes has given Rooney a sunshine break with his family so that he misses today’s game in the hope it will help him recover from his groin strain.

Mourinho has refused to comment on rumours that he has renewed his interest in taking Rooney to Chelsea. Therefore Moyes’ choice of words, taken in isolation from his latest TV interview, does appear a little unfortunate;

Hopefully we’ll get him fit for Chelsea.

Oops. We know what you mean David. Nearly as good as Wenger’s one before Christmas that Arsenal were ready for the Championship.


Sky Sports News are bravely trying to make the best of their coverage of the Ashes fiasco. In a true spirit of equality they are also covering the Women’s Ashes 2014. I did a double take the other morning when I heard this as I was spreading strawberry jam on my croissant;

England having recovered slightly after what was a pretty sticky period…Anyway 154-4.

More detail than I needed but thanks anyway for the performance analysis.

Run up to the Palace game

Tony Pullis is stirring it already prior to Palace’s visit to White Hart Lane this afternoon. He has placed the blame on Franco Baldini for signing players that AVB probably didn’t choose or want and says he wouldn’t have it at a club he managed.

Tim Sherwood says he hopes Emmanuel Adebayor will be unplayable against them.

There is clearly a potential flash point this afternoon with the vigil outside Tottenham police station whilst the game is going on. Let’s hope for everybody’s sake it remains peaceful.

Going for a Burton

I’m really proud of Bournemouth, my local club. At the idea of a fan, they started a collection on the web to pay for Burton Albion fans to travel in coaches to attend their rearranged FA Cup tie at the Goldsands Stadium, formerly known as Dean Court. The collection has attracted donations from fan clubs all around the world and the excess is going to charity. The original game was cancelled due to torrential rain and a waterlogged pitch, just an hour or so before kick-off.

The roots of the friendly gesture are apparently from when Bournemouth clinched promotion at Burton. At the time, Burton allowed a friendly pitch invasion by Bournemouth fans and let them celebrate on their pitch, taking over the ground for an hour or so. Bournemouth fans clearly remember the gesture with gratitude and are now repaying the favour. They will still want to beat Burton but is shows there is no need for nastiness and hate in sporting rivalry. What a great example to set for all fans.

As I type this, we are 1-0 up and Soldado has been pulled again for Defoe.

Yes! Defoe has just scored. That just says it all.


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