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Not So Happy New Year From The Tottenham Ticket Office

No Happy New Year from the Tottenham Ticket Office

Wednesday 8 January

Those of you who read the piece I wrote in November last year about how Tottenham changed the rules on the use of Stub Hub to effectively prevent me from attending the Manchester United game will be interested to hear about the latest shenanigans.

I have just received this e-mail from Spurs:

“Dear Season Ticket Holder,

We are contacting you as a result of our qualification for the Europa League Round of 32 and our forthcoming match against FC Dnipro at White Hart Lane on Thursday 27  February.

We have now had meetings with representatives from UEFA regarding our obligations to them under competition rules. Under the terms of our entry into the competition, we are obliged to use UEFA’s advertising hoardings from this round onwards, which are higher than those used in the group stages. 

We are writing to advise that the view from your season ticket seat will now be slightly restricted. We are informed that the area of the pitch which will be affected will be the touchline closest to you and as a result of this restriction your ticket will be available to you at a reduced price of £18.00”.

[Photo: Logan Holmes]

[Photo: Logan Holmes]

Well, thanks very much. Can you believe it? I wait 20 years for the chance of a season ticket, make miraculous recoveries from health problems to buy one each for me and the wife for over £1,000 each and now they tell me that when we qualify for the later stages of the European competitions, they will block our front row view with oversized advertising hoardings thanks to a deal they have done with UEFA.

I remember being puzzled last season, watching Andre Villas-Boas struggling to get through a gap to the technical area and tripping up over the hoardings. It looked ridiculous and unsafe. Now I know why.

Why should I accept a sub-standard product?  It shouldn’t be allowed. I’ll stay home and watch the bl**dy adverts scrolling by on the TV. Good luck to the mug who forks out for my seat so he can sit in it and not see what’s going on. They really don’t deserve the support they get.


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