Eriksen dives in for the winner

Manchester United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2 – A Tale Of The Texts

Manchester United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2 – A Tale of the Texts

It’s some time since I did a “tale of the texts” but looking back over yesterday’s messages made me smile. I hope you do too when you read them.

Regulars will know that Richard is my nephew, fellow season ticket holder at White Hart Lane. He got back to his London flat in time to attend the Stoke game after a Christmas break with family down south.

17:32 Me:                   Happy New Year. I’m downstairs, Sue is upstairs. Are you watching on the box anywhere?

17:32 Richard:          Happy New Year! I am home watching the game. Fingers crossed – we have gone there with an attacking team.

17:34 Me:                  Bl**dy Rooney is back.

17:04 Big Steve Trott joins in fresh from Cardiff vs Arsenal:    Happy New Year to you both! Close but no cigar today. Good luck later!

17:29 Me:                               Happy New Year to you all too. Bl**dy Arsenal. Here we go. Tin hats on and lots of luck required.

18:04                          Adebayor scores

18:08 Me to Richard:           Get in there!

18:08 Richard:          Boom!

Soldado knee- caps it past the post.

18:13 Me:                   Call him Mrs. Soldado

18:13 Richard:          I get feeling as soon as one goes in the floodgates will open for him.

18:15 Me:                   Yeh but when? Next year?

18:17 Me:                  This is when they usually equalise.

Half-time:  United 0 Spurs 1

18:53                           Eriksen scores

18:54                           United get one back

18:58 Me:                   Same old story.

18:59 Me:                   Rooney next. Recurrent nightmare.

19:05 Richard:         Have Faith!

Full-time:  United 1 Spurs 2

19:24 Steve:             Well done on the result! Horrible last few minutes.

19:28 Me to Steve: Don’t know what you mean. Never any doubt. Ha ha!

19:26 Me to Richard: Never in doubt. Ha ha.

19:39 Richard:          Great result. (Smiley)

 Well done Spurs. Another typically Tottenham test for the heart successfully survived.

Roll on Arsenal.


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