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The Andre Villas-Boas "How Not To Succeed As A Young Manager' Plan

I wrote the following as a satire following the Manchester City defeat. I sent it to Logan but asked him not to publish it because I did not want to add to the troubles at Spurs. Instead I did a couple of rallying “glass half full” blogs which some of you felt were naïve. I can own up now about how I really felt at the time. We might as well let it go now. I hope it brings a wry smile to your faces.

How Not to Succeed as a Young Man in Football Management

Having a point to prove, I could try and show how innovative and talented I really am. If I had a large squad of top class players, how would I go about it? I might play them out of position and hope they would blossom following my plan and formation.

For example,

  • I could take one of the best centre halves in Europe and play him at left back.
  • I could leave a solid loyal English centre half who does best as part of a steady consistent partnership and give him a different partner every week.
  • I could take one of the best right wingers in England and play him on the left.
  • I could take one of the best left wingers and play him on the right.
  • I could take one of the most prolific goal scorers in Europe and leave him isolated without service or a partner.
  • I could make my team play patient slow build up football and tell them that goals will come and we don’t need a Plan B.
  • When the goals don’t arrive, I could tell the disappointed quiet fans that have traditionally always craved and cheered style and excitement that it’s all their fault.

That’ll work. I’ll be redeemed in everybody’s eyes across Europe and ready for the Barcelona job when they come calling.


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