Lewis Holtby's Klinsmann dive [Photo: Alan Hill]

Lewis Holtby Does A Klinsmann To Celebrate His Tottenham Goal - Video

Lewis Holtby scored an excellent goal as Totttenham defeated Anzhi in their final Europa League game on Thursday evening. He then did a ‘Klinsmann’ celebration to mark the occasion.

Lewis Holtby [Photo:Alan Hill]

Lewis Holtby [Photo:Alan Hill]

Lewis Holtby scored in the 54th minute. It was his third Tottenham goal having scored against Tbilisi early in the season and the winner at Fulham last week. The nature of the goal merits description as penned by Laura Williamson in the Daily Mail’s match report,

‘Holtby…..scored a lovely third goal for Tottenham after 54 minutes, deftly controlling Townsend’s cross with his left foot and then dinking it over the goalkeeper with the same foot before it hit the ground.’

In celebration the young German international ran towards the touchline at the East Stand and produced a ‘Klinsmann dive’.

The ‘Klinsmann Dive’

The Klinsmann celebration [Photo: Logan Holmes]

The Klinsmann celebration [Photo: Logan Holmes]

No-one will ever forget Jurgen Klinsmann’s special ‘dive’ celebration when he scored for Spurs in season 1994-95. He made a scoring debut at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillborough ground in August, 1994 and then produced the unexpected celebration.

As I wrote in a previous blog on Klinsmann’s debut as Spurs won 4 – 3,

‘Then with nine minutes to play the moment that all of football had been waiting for. Klinsmann scored Tottenham’s fourth goal, heading home from Anderton’s cross from the right – a scoring debut in the Premier League.

Every Spurs fans had been waiting for Klinsmann to score and he didn’t let them down with his goal celebration. With a beautiful ‘dive’, he celebrated in style, noting the comments that had been made about him in the media where he was labelled a ‘diver’ in trying to win penalties.’

Now Watch Holtby’s Goal and Celebration:

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