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Tottenham Have Gained Ground On Their Rivals In the Past Week

In the past week, Tottenham have gained ground on all of their closest rivals. With their own successes at Fulham and Sunderland accompanied with other results going in their favour, Spurs are in a stronger position to make a challenge for the top-4.

Following the defeat at Manchester City, accompanied with the poor results in November, Spurs had slipped to 9th in the league, on 20 points, 8 behind Arsenal in 1st place. Spurs were bottom of the teams expected to challenge for the top spots and there was a gap of 5 points to the team in 10th place.

Position on 25th November:

1st: Arsenal  +8 points ahead of THFC
2nd/3rd: Liverpool/Chelsea + 4
4th/5th:   City/Southampton +2
6th/7th: United/Everton + 1
8th: Newcastle 20 points (GD)
9th: Tottenham: 20 points

Position on 1st December:

After Spurs home draw with United their was no change in their league position but the gap to the top clubs had increased. Liverpool lost at Hull which was unexpected and reduced their advantage over Spurs.

1st: Arsenal  +10 points
2nd: Chelsea +6
3rd: City +4
4th/5th: Liverpool/Everton +3
6th: Newcastle +2
7th/8th: United/Southampton + 1
9th: Tottenham: 21 points

Position on 8th December:

One week on and two away wins recorded against Fulham and Sunderland, Spurs climbed the table and took advantage of other results going favourably for them. The draw between Arsenal and Everton was the ideal result for Spurs as it did neither of their rivals any favours. Chelsea’s loss at Stoke and City’s draw at Southampton were other favourable results as was the south coast club’s home defeat by Villa in midweek. Manchester United were hardest hit with two home defeats to Everton and Newcastle.

1st: Arsenal  35 points +8 points
2nd/3rd: Liverpool/Chelsea  30 +3
4th: City 29 +2
5th: Everton 28 +1
6th: Tottenham 27 points
7th: Newcastle 26 -1
8th: Southampton 23 -4
9th: United 22 -5

The Premier League is so close this season that a run of good results can take any club up three or four places while too many defeats and from a position of apparent strength a club can slip alarmingly quickly as United and Southampton have discovered in the past seven days.

Since the debacle against City, Spurs have regrouped and recovered some of the ground lost in November with the low point coming in the defeat at the Etihad Stadium. They will need to discover a consistency of results in the coming weeks to maintain their upward progress and a win over Liverpool on Sunday would have the double advantage of strengthening Spurs’ position while doing damage to that of their opponents. Liverpool, on the other hand, will see it as a way to increase their lead over Spurs so neither side will really want a draw and a keenly contested match can be expected.

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