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Tottenham Comparison With Last Season After Twelve Matches

November has been a very disappointing month for Tottenham culminating in the heavy defeat at City but in comparison with this time last season, Spurs are still in a better position than in 2012-13.

After 12 Premier League games this season Spurs have 20 points. We can all look at the fixture list and point out games where we should have done so much better but in comparison with the same time last season, Spurs are still three points better off even though they only took one point during the month, in the scoreless draw at Everton. That single point is more than we achieved last season when we lost at home to Wigan and at Manchester City and Arsenal.

Comparison of Fixtures with 2112-13

When looking at the corresponding games with last season, the team have still won more points than they achieved last season, although the difference is now down to +2 compared with +4 at the end of last month and +7 at the end of September.

Crystal Palace* (a)  + 2
Swansea (h)  –
Arsenal (a)  –
Norwich City (h)  + 2
Cardiff City* (a)  + 2
Chelsea (h)  +1
West Ham United (h) -3
Aston Villa (a) –
Hull City* (h) –
Everton (a) +1
Newcastle United (h) -3
Manchester City (a) –

* Palace, Cardiff and Hull results are compared with the relegated teams – Wigan, QPR and Reading

Last season, after 12 matches, Spurs were in 8th position but were 11 points adrift of the League leaders. This year they are in 9th position but are only 8 points off the top and 4 points behind Liverpool who are second. While there is much despondency around at the moment following Sunday’s result, all is not lost and a couple of wins could see Spurs move back up the table.

Busy End to the Year!

Tottenham have 7 Premier League matches in December, starting with United on Sunday. The games and last season’s results are recorded below:

Man United (h) Draw 1 – 1
Fulham (a) Won 3 – 0
Sunderland (a) Won 2 – 1
Liverpool (h) Won 2 – 1
Southampton (a) Won 2 – 1
West Bromwich Albion (h) Draw 1 – 1
Stoke City (h) Draw 0 – 0

In terms of points Spurs are currently in credit but in terms of goals, style and performances there has been a distinct decline. The first priority for AVB and the team is to produce a redeeming performance and result against United. Then everyone will be able to move on in a more positive frame of mind.

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