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Pssst…Wanna Buy A Tottenham Ticket Guv?

Pssst…wanna buy a ticket guv?

For this season, Spurs entered into an exclusive partnership with Stub Hub, an E-bay company, to provide season ticket holders with the only facility by which they can pass on their seat for any matches they cannot attend.

StubHub-for-BlackBerry-10They must use this site as the only way of passing the ticket on. They cannot give it away, they cannot pass it on to relatives or friends and there are charges. Stub Hub charges about 12% over the price the season ticket holder sells the ticket for to the buyer. They also charge the same amount to the buyer. This means that if the season ticket holder is to get their money back on a premium £71.00 face value seat, they have to put it on Stub Hub for £81.00 including Stub Hub’s commission and then Stub Hub charge a similar level of fees to the buyer too, so that the buyer ends up paying over £93.00.

It doesn’t stop there though. Another interesting thing about the club’s deal with Stub Hub is that the rules allow season ticket holders to charge as much as they like for a seat for the day. Unscrupulous season ticket holders can make a fortune. There is a £71.00 seat in the block next to mine on sale today for over £250.00! I couldn’t do that to fellow Spurs fans despite the fact that my income has halved since my enforced early retirement.

If someone has bought a ticket on Stub Hub, they can sell it on again if they like and make even more profit. So whoever ends up in a season ticket holder’s seat could have paid a small fortune for it but the season ticket holder may have sold it at face value and not made a penny!

You don’t even have to be a One Hotspur member to buy tickets on Stub Hub. Not for most games.

This means that loads of season ticket holders’ seats may be occupied by non-Spurs fans. This may have something to do with the lack of atmosphere that Andre Villas-Boas has complained about recently.

I am so grateful to have survived and qualified after so many years for a season ticket, I wanted to share my good fortune. I did write to Spurs a couple of months ago with a plan to offer one of our match seats for free as part of a competition on HotspurHQ. I also hoped to donate one to a charity, perhaps either to another disabled person or a local Tottenham kid from a hard up family. They said they would refer it to management to consider but they never responded about that.

So sorry dear reader. No deal.

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  • Andre5

    So basically season ticket holders will always buy tickets, and for the matches they can’t make, they can sell them for a tidy profit (no limit on asking price). Or ticket touts, if they get a season ticket, will make guaranteed money and don’t even have to attend an occasional match.
    It’s just wrong on so many levels. If they want to know why it’s so quiet at football nowadays, it’s because the average age of the support has gone up so much, and this is down to it becoming so expensive to watch a match. Only the reasonably well-off, mostly middle-aged, can afford to attend every match, especially with a family.
    At the very least, the club should have a website to allow tickets to be exchanged at face value. This would improve relations with fans, improve the atmosphere, and give us all more of a chance to see a game.

    • Alan Hill

      You’ve got that right, except for the fact that the season ticket holder has of course already bought the tickets for the whole season by paying for their season ticket up front. They then have to sell the seat for the day one at a time as the date of the match approaches. Spurs choose the date once the match is a sell out. You’ve understood the rest of it correctly. The buyer (possibly a tout) has to buy them one at a time but then can sell them on at whatever price they think they can get. It happens with theatre and gig tickets too. There was a feature on BBC Breakfast about it this morning saying some artists want it stopped. Monty Python reunion tickets for the O2 sold out in less than a minute and one then appeared on a resale site for £4,000! Makes us look like small beer. I think the face value exchange is a much fairer option, even face value plus a fiver for admin costs should be plenty. You could make it One Hotspur Members only and if they really cared make membership free or discounted for fans on means tested benefits. You are right about pricing youngsters out of the grounds. In the 70s I could travel across London on the tube and attend several matches a season out of my Saturday and summer holiday job wages.