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I'm Going To Tottenham v United Game! No I'm Not! A Personal Tale

Stub Hub Part 2

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My wife and I have got season tickets next to each other. Unfortunately we can’t get to many games because of the disabilities that hit me a couple of years ago (see bio at top of page). I am lucky that our seats are at touchline level. I can walk, just not very far. I am therefore not so bad that I need to take a seat away from a more seriously disabled person so we do not need to use the disabled area. I should however  have my wife or someone else sitting in her seat as my carer. We are no longer able to drive ourselves up to the ground but I have a mate who can. My wife is happy to give up her seat to him. To do so she has to comply with the rules by putting it for sale on Stub Hub and he buys it off Stub Hub for the games we can attend. I did ask Spurs if they would let her just give him her season ticket for the day but they would not allow it. They insisted the only way was to put it on sale on Stub Hub. Still, I thought, mustn’t complain. If not for the Stub Hub arrangement, the £2,000 spent on season tickets would be money down the drain.

Change of Rules

Ironically, encouraged by the police Spurs did change the rules for Sunday’s game against Manchester United. For that game only they are insisting that people purchasing tickets from Stub Hub have been One Hotspur members since October. That means my driver/carer cannot buy the ticket after all and we have both had to cancel our long standing plans to attend the match. He is happy to become a member now they have changed the rules but it won’t help for that game, so that’s me well and truly screwed. I did e-mail Spurs to see if they would make an exception in the light of my disability and the fact that my wife’s seat is just going begging next to mine but they left it over a week before refusing.

I was told last month there is a 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 chance of my tumour returning. I guess it’s just a question of time.

Meanwhile I’ve now got a couple of days to try and sell the seats on Stub Hub. Someone will get a good deal because I’m not about to profiteer.

Whoever you are that’s lucky enough to get two face value tickets on the front row in block 11 in the West Stand, good luck to you and I hope you enjoy the game. Give them a cheer for me. I hope you see a revival of our fortunes. Meanwhile I’ll be sitting in front of the goggle box in my lounge in Bournemouth, wishing I was there. I could have been, with just with a modicum of sympathy and help from the administrators at Tottenham for a lifelong supporter raging at the premature setting of the sun. If Harry was still manager, he would probably have given us a lift, he has to drive past my door on the way up from home!

I’ll be glad to see the back of November.

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