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Tottenham Players Shirk Responsibility In Fury At Andre Villas-Boas

I posted a blog this morning saying that the Tottenham players must accept responsibility for their part in Spurs’ shocking performance in the 6 – 0 defeat at Manchester City on Sunday. I said that it was too easy for them to hide behind the manager who is receiving the brunt of the blame from fans and in the media.

Then when I read today’s papers, the first story I read in the Daily Mail is about AVB facing a fight to keep his job and that the players are furious at him for suggesting that they should be ashamed of their performance. On Sunday AVB told BBC Sport,

We have to be ashamed of ourselves, and react to a defeat like this.

The highly paid internationals who succumbed at City are upset that their manager said what everyone else was thinking about their performance in the heavy defeat to a rampant City team. If we are honest City could have made it a whole lot worse if they had really wanted to, so weak was the Spurs response to the adversity they faced.

The players are furious! What right have they to feel aggrieved? They’ll still receive their massive salaries and if things don’t suit them at White Hart Lane we all know how they’ll react come January or next summer.

What about the fans? Surely, it’s them who should be furious. Those who gave up their Sunday, at considerable expense, to go to Manchester expecting to see a performance of commitment and application. They would have travelled more in hope than belief that Spurs could win but they at least expected the team to put in the effort and not roll over inside 14 seconds.

Some will say that Villas-Boas was unwise to make such comments to the media, that they should have been kept behind closed doors. On this occasion the display was so poor that the manager needed to acknowledge the shortcomings and the disappointment felt by the fans. At least he had the guts to stand up in front of the media and be honest and accept there was fault.

Direct Fury In Other Directions

The players’ fury at AVB’s comments have only made supporters’ views on the them even worse. Let the manager take the flack, we’ll take cover and forget about it, the future’s bright for us. Rather than direct their fury towards AVB, the players would be better served channelling their anger into an improvement in their performances in future games to ensure they avoid more embarrassing defeats.

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