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Bad News November - Remember It Was Only A Football Match

They tell me I’m a pretty positive type and having that sort of character has helped me to survive against the odds. I am usually the guy to pick up everybody else when things aren’t going well. Still being around and at least having one good eye is better than being blind or dead after all. Sometimes though, like after a 6-0 defeat and watching my team slide down the table having spent 100 million quid on players whilst only scoring 5 goals at home all season, even I do get a bit down.

Bad News November

Thinking about it, this November has been one of the worst news months in years for sport teams and sport people that I like and respect. It has seen the premature deaths of two former World Class surfers; the drowning of a full of life army poster girl in an avoidable tragic coasteering accident in the Tilly Whim caves, a local Dorset beauty spot. It has seen the incremental failure of Tottenham’s latest project, the retirement of the world’s greatest batsman and England’s disastrous start to the Ashes.

You can also add to all that the sad sight of the wonderful and beautiful in every important way Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington OBE succumbing in public to the vile bullying she has been subjected to by inadequate morons. Give me a girl like that in preference to a professional beauty queen any day. Good luck to them too but they don’t come anywhere near to matching someone like Becky. When I was young and fit and a potentially good catch, marrying someone like her would have been a dream come true for me and I am sure would be now for thousands of eligible bachelors.

Not the best recipe then for heading into the long dark winter. A month ago it seemed possible that everything in the garden was rosy. Today, the old Albert King song Born Under A Bad Sign is reverberating around my head; it was covered by Cream with my hero Eric Clapton on guitar. Right now it seems to sum up life.

“Born under a bad sign, I’ve been down ever since I began to crawl.
If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.
Bad luck and trouble’s my only friend, I’ve been down ever since I was ten.
Born under a bad sign, I’ve been down ever since I begin to crawl.
If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.
If it wasn’t for real bad luck I wouldn’t have no luck at all”.

Would you believe it? By strange coincidence, it’s the next track in alphabetical order on my I-pod after “Born to Sing – No Plan B” by Van Morrison. It must be a sign.

AVB asked for more singing from the Spurs fans. Perhaps we should try these two, tongues in cheek.

Then I think of the disaster in the Philippines and the plight of our wounded war veterans and it puts it all in perspective.

I look at my fantastic new Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa DVDs, tell myself how lucky I am really, pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday – Won’t Get Fooled Again. Oh no.


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