Bad Week At Tottenham And Red Mist Descends On Wayne Rooney Again!

StubHub-for-BlackBerry-10Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary no 25

Sun 24 Nov tea time.

I’ll leave the hatchet jobs to everyone else. I’m hurting too much and have no desire to make it worse for the team or the manager. There’s a saying that if you can’t find anything positive to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Awkward silence follows…



Trouble is, there is a 250 word minimum limit to these blogs (oops; trade secret giveaway alert). Hmm… so what shall I write about?
More awkward  silence…



Anyone watch Strictly last night? I didn’t think it was as good as the Blackpool episode.

Rooney hack. [Photo: Alan Hill]

Rooney hack. [Photo: Alan Hill]

Watching Cardiff vs. Man Utd on the box.

4.30pm. Rooney scored for United minutes after he should have been sent off. As so often in the past, the red mist descended. He deliberately kicked the Cardiff player when the ref was looking at the ball which was 10 yards away.

He was booked so I guess there will be no retrospective action. He is Rooney after all. Another reminder that he’ll never learn and why for all his talent he will be a liability when the going gets tough in Brazil.

Cardiff have just scored an exquisitely worked equaliser.

Lookey-likey for Paulo Di Canio

paolo 3Cavaldi IMG_8649The BBC just showed the movie The Brothers Grimm. It contained a bit of a lookey-likey for Paulo Di Canio. He was a sound-a-likey too. The character was called Cavaldi. If you need cheering up watch it on Catch Up TV.

Back to the Football….

Just before half time United go one up. It’s the trade mark late header from little Evra from a corner.

That’s 273 words. Sigh. I’m done.

Bad week!

It’s been a bad week. Due to the change in the Stub Hub rules imposed for the United game preventing my Carer from accompanying me, it looks like I won’t even be able to attend the United game to cheer us on next week. Season ticket? Schmeason ticket.

Postscript: Cardiff have just got an equaliser in Fergie time, then Rooney blows a golden opportunity to win it. Fantastic. Poetic justice.


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