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Is It Time For Plan 'B' At Tottenham, Andre?

It’s a question that was asked of Andre Villas-Boas at Tottenham last season and now it’s being asked again, Is it time for a Plan ‘B’ for Spurs, Andre?

Plan B 

I first related the “No Plan B” phrase in my blog early last season to Andre Villas-Boas’ management style, when the jury was out. That soon resolved in his favour after a good run and some astute in-game changes that he instigated.

It has been resurrected with a vengeance recently in many quarters. Conviction, along with single-mindedness and self-belief is important, and can be a powerful attribute. It can help inspire others and take them along with you. It takes nerve and strength of character. If you can demonstrate it when you have the energy of youth you can move mountains.

Flexibility and knowing when to demonstrate it is also a valuable quality which often develops with age and maturity. With the best of us, that maturity can develop at an earlier age than normal if we learn from experience and mistakes.

AVB is very clear about the formation and style of play that he expects Spurs to follow. I wonder if he shops at Marks and Spencer? Here is an extract from their official website. It sounds sort of strangely familiar; positive but lacking in flexibility.

“About Plan A
We’re doing this because it’s what you want us to do. It’s also the right thing to do. We’re calling it Plan A because we believe it’s now the only way to do business.
There is no Plan B”.

[Photo: Alan Hill]

[Photo: Alan Hill]

No Plan B

Unfortunately, if I have understood their performance figures correctly, since introducing  “No plan B”, despite the project showing a lot of promise, sales have dropped short of expectations, except for in foods. I wonder if Chief Executive Mark Bolland wishes he had a plan B after all.

On the other hand, Van Morrison’s last album was his best in years…

So I am sure we shouldn’t worry. The glass is half full. Isn’t it?

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