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Thursday Tottenham Quiz: 'B' Team - Players Whose Surnames Begin With..

From the late 1940s through to the 1960s Tottenham had an ‘A’ Team and a ‘B’ team. They were comprised of young amateur and professional players who were trying to make an impression to earn a place the reserve team and eventually the first team. They played competitive matches in the Metropolitan League and this was the starting place for some of Tottenham stars of the 1950s.

The quiz, however, is not about those teams but a Tottenham team composed of current and past players whose surnames begin with the letter ‘B’. There many players to choose from and you have task of identifying the players from their initials and answering a question related to them. In this quiz you have to identify 10 Tottenham players from their initials and answer a question related to the player. There are 11 players and 11 questions and you get one point for identifying the player and 1 for answering the question.

As always some of the answers can be found at links to the question while all of the answers will appear in the comments box at the end of the quiz. The questions are set out in a 4-4-2 formation.

Tottenham Quiz – The Spurs ‘B’-Team

1.  W B: Against which club did this goalkeeper make his debut in a 5 – 1 away win in August, 1959.  Answer

2.  P B: To which country did this player move when he left Tottenham in 1965?  Answer

5.  S B: Against which team did this central defender making a scoring debut in 2009?  Answer

6.  P B: With over 400 appearances for Tottenham, he only scored once. Who did he score against?  Answer

3.  M B: A young left back who left Totttenham in the 1980s. Which club did he join on leaving White Hart Lane?  Answer

7.  N B: Which club did this young player join on leaving Spurs in 1995 to return north?  Answer

4.  D B: The Double winning captain was famous for his words of wisdom. what word has been omitted from this quote?  Answer

The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It is nothing of the kind. The game is about …..

10.  R B: The captain of the early 1950s team. Who was the Tottenham manager at this time?  Answer

11.  G B: How many goals did this winger score for Tottenham in his final season at White Hart Lane?  Answer

8.  S B: This centre forward scored in every round of the 1901 FA Cup win. How many goals did he score against WBA in the semi-final?  Answer

9.  D B: Against which team did this striker score 4 goals in 2007?  Answer

Subs: Baardsen, Bergsson, Bentley, Baily, Bent, Brazil


The answers can be found at the links in the question and they will also be put in the first comment box after the quiz.

How did you get on?

Are you a Eddie Baily or an  Andy Booth on Spurs ‘B’-Team?

16 – 22 points:  Eddie Baily

11 – 15:  Nicola Berti

5 – 10Laurie Brown

1 – 4:   Andy Booth

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