Hugo Lloris [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Hugo Lloris Back To Fitness - It's Hard Work Being The Best (Video)

Hugo Lloris is simply the best goalkeeper Tottenham have has in many, many years. He has had a magnificent start to the season with 11 clean sheets in 14 appearances and has conceded only 5 goals in 10 Premier League matches.

His presence in the Tottenham team gives the defence and the whole team confidence. They know that with his quickness of thought to read situations that he will come out like a sweeper to clear the ball or dive bravely at the feet of the in-rushing player. When called upon his reactions enable him to make outstanding saves look comfortable and unspectacular.

He has shown his courage in many matches by going down at the feet of strikers but especially so at Everton where he saved at the feet of Romelu Lukaku and took a heavy knock to the side of the head from the striker’s knee. After being knocked out he still insisted on playing on which has caused much controversy. He was still able to pull off an important save in those final minutes as well as clearing high crosses into the area from corners and rushing out to clear a through ball.

Lloris missed the next two games as a precautionary measure by the Tottenham medical staff but he appears to be fully recovered as this training video from the French Football Association shows. It’s not just by chance that Lloris who will captain France in two vital World Cup play-off games against Ukraine is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. It’s down to dedication and hard work on the training pitch.

It’s good to see Hugo fully recovered and back in training – that’s hard work!

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