AVB under pressure [Photo: Alan Hill]

Andre Villas-Boas: Made Lloris Decision As Call To Change Rules Grows

Mon 4 Nov am

A 0-0 draw for Spurs at Everton was a fair result.

The main talking point following the game was the incident when Hugo lloris was knocked out when he dived at the feet of the Everton striker, Romelu Lukaku. In my match report, I wrote,

With apparent head injuries, I don’t think players should be given the option to do so. They can sometimes be too brave for their own good. The same thing happened with Andros Townsend last week. If we are not careful we could end up with a tragedy on the pitch. The memories of Fabrice Muamba and my own undiagnosed brain tumour bursting are far too vivid for me.

After the match AVB took responsibility for the decision. He told the BBC,

Hugo seemed assertive and determined to continue and showed great character and personality. We decided to keep him on based on that. The call always belongs to me.

it was a decision backed by Tottenham’s medical staff. Wayne Diesel, the head of the Spurs medical staff commented,

Once the relevant tests and assessments were carried out, we were totally satisfied that he was fit to continue playing.

Mini Media Storm

Hugo Lloris [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Hugo Lloris [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Mini media storm over Andre Villas-Boas’ decision not to substitute Hugo Lloris. OK everyone. Point made. Calm down. It was an error. Sort the rules out to prevent it happening again.

Now other are calling for a change in the rules, as I said on Sunday afternoon. The world players’ union Fifpro and the Professional Footballers’ Association both want players who have been knocked unconscious to be taken off the pitch for their own safety.

AVB – a Young Manager

Watching the preview of the Everton game, I saw a comparison of the two managers. I keep forgetting AVB is still only 34. Ten years younger than even Martinez. He shows remarkable maturity, calmness and skill for someone so young.

I fear there is a real danger he will be poached by a European giant. Some of us, disappointed with the recent lacklustre performances may say that’s no great loss but I think it would be. He has great potential and so does this squad. I’d like to see them grow together but fear it won’t happen due to the short-termism in the Premiership these days.


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