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Harry Redknapp and QPR's #AskHarry Doesn't Go As Planned

Tottenham’s former manager, Harry Redknapp experienced a few unexpected difficulties when his new club Queen’s Park Rangers set up a question and answer session for him with supporters on Twitter.

#Ask Harry

Oops. QPR set up an official feature on their website on Saturday where fans could send live twitter questions to their manager. It turned out to be a bad idea as it was inundated with spoof questions, many of them hilarious. There was some nasty stuff too but here are some of the more amusing questions.
What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t forget to tweet in your questions for Harry Redknapp to @OfficialQPR. Use the hashtag #AskHarry. We’ll be underway shortly … #QPR

Some confused tweeters assumed the #AskHarry was in reference to One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.

Another witty poster seemed to think the Q&A involved Harry Potter and asked: “Why does it take you 8 films to finally kill Voldemort?”

Has Jamie ever asked why you are always round there for when Louise gets back from Yoga?

I want to buy your autobiography but I can’t find it in the fiction section of bookshops…any ideas?

Do you prefer winding your car window down yourself or doing it automatically?

What’s a better way to use £12 million? Buying Christopher Samba or putting it in a pile and setting it on fire?

Have you considered retro-fitting window winders to your Rangey? Get rid of electric? Think of the workout

Do you often go to drive-thru restaurants and give your opinion on a number of Premier League players

What’s the best way to teach a dog how to use a chequebook and calculator?

Thank you whoever thought of #AskHarry. Haven’t laughed so much in years. The guy that’s screening the tweets must have the best poker face.

Just how good are Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand? Do you think they will make it at the highest level?

Are you doing this out of your car window?

Hilarious – it’s good to laugh!

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