Reality Check For Tottenham - Did We Really Lose To West Ham?

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Reality Check

Did we really lose to West Ham?

Depends on whose world you live in. Read on.

Just as you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Well I didn’t see that coming. Logan knows his stuff though. Here is an extract from the e-mail he sent me just before lunch,

“ Slightly anxious about today – a game we should win but I hate stats like WHU haven’t scored away from home – you know what’s going to happen and we know what to expect from Big Sam when it comes to corners and free-kicks. Having said that we really should win”.

Of course by now you will be well aware that West Ham beat us soundly 3-0 at White Hart Lane. I couldn’t get to the game (thank God) but received text updates from my nephew in his seat above the half way line. He said we looked like the team from 5 years ago. We drop to 6th. Being creatively optimistic, as I always am, you can call it equal third on points only but 3-0 whacks our goal difference down to +1 only.  Apparently Ravel Morrison ran from inside his own half to score the third. Their first win at our place since 1999, so I guess they’ll be having a party like it was err…1999. (Apologies to Prince). I wrote about us playing with the “3Ps” in my last blog. I think Sam may have spotted a fourth. Predictable.

It has certainly put a dampener on things in the Hill household. I was having such a good week. 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Steak meal, Bolly and Helium balloons. And for any young Spurs starlets out there, no I didn’t inhale.  Last night I saw Crosby Still and Nash kick of their European tour by rolling back the years with a fantastic performance at the Bournemouth International Centre.  I sit back anticipating Spurs possibly topping the table tonight. and then WHAM! Sandbagged by Sam just as Logan predicted.

All the so called big teams have had at least one result like that in the first 7 games. Arsenal’s was their first game of the season. I guess it was our turn today. Can we go on a similar run of victories now please?

Wholehearted congratulations to West Ham. No complaints. Well done. I’ll watch the highlights on MOTD2 tonight but I am sure I won’t feel any different. I think the apposite phrase here is “Don’t panic. Don’t panic Mr. Mannering. Don’t panic”.

Jenny was my deputy at the last office I managed. She used to say (affectionately I think) that I lived in Alan’s world. Given the weird behaviour brought on by brain tumours, she may well have been closer to the truth than she realised at the time.

Loganhead goal 1 IMG_7680(1)Alan’s World

I know what she meant. Here is an example of Alan’s world in action. On my PlayStation 3 in Alan’s world on FIFA 14 we won this fixture 1-0. It was a great headed goal by a certain Logan Holmes as Alan Hill, playing in the hole looked on. Just to cheer you up, here are a couple of screenshots. In FIFA 14 my shirt number is my age, I am 20 years younger on the stats because it won’t accept a 56 year old squad member and I am as fit as a fiddle.  A world class veteran striker.

In The Real World

Back in the real world Arsenal go top with a poor performance, particularly by Wilshere, yet he scores in the second half to earn them a 1-1 draw at West Brom.

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