Danny Rose - recovering from injury [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Tottenham Injury Update - Danny Rose, Aaron Lennon, Younes Kaboul...

A number of Tottenham players have been absent in recent weeks due to injury – Aaron Lennon, Danny Rose and Etienne Capoue while Younes Kaboul who returned against Anzhi had to go off before the end.

Younes Kaboul

Kaboul has been struggling with a number of minor injuries since recovering from the knee injury which kept him out for all of last season. He was injured in the opening game of last season at Newcastle and was unable to play again until the last pre-season friendly against Espanyol in August when he made an appearance as a half-time substitute. He played the final 4 minutes of the opening Premier League match against Crystal Palace before captaining the Spurs team in the Europa League match against Tbilisi in Georgia. He also played in the home game against Tbilisi a week later and was in the team for the match against Tromso. He went off against the Norwegian team leaving Spurs to play the final minutes with ten men as they had already used their three substitutes. He was out for a fortnight but returned in Russia against Anzhi but again had to leave the pitch during the second half, Michael Dawson replacing him in the 71st minute.

Every time Kaboul is injured, the fear is that it’s a recurrence of the problem which decimated his season last year.

PhysioRoom.com has logged the latest set-back as a muscle injury with a return date of 27th October.

Asked about Kaboul after the match, London24.com reported that Andre Villas-Boas had said that because of the injury in his knee it has taken time for his body to adapt to new positions when running and so is putting extra strain on his muscles and he keeps getting small contractions that limit him finishing the games.

At the moment it doesn’t look very serious but it will force him to stop for a week or so.

Danny Rose

Rose has been out since the Europa League match against Tromso when he injured his toe. It had been reported that he would be available for the match with Chelsea last weekend but he remains on the injury list and has only a 50/50 chance of being available for Sunday’s game against West Ham. He should return after the international break.

The PhysioRoom.com site has put him down for a possible return this weekend with a late fitness test.

Aaron Lennon

Lennon started in the opening game of the season against Crystal Palace but has not played since then with an ankle/foot injury. AVB confirmed that Lennon had returned to training at the beginning of the week and should be available when matches resume in a fortnight after the international matches. His return date on PhysioRoom.com is given as 20th October.

Etienne Capoue

Capoue after an impressive start with Spurs was injured in the second half of the north London derby. Early reports suggested that he woul dmiss only three matches with the ankle problem but it is now thought that he could be ready to resume after the internationals. PhysioRoom.com, however, has given him a return date of early November.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Adebayor has been absent on compassionate leave following the death of his brother. Since returning to the club he has been unwell which has prevented him from training. It is thought that he will also be available by the time Premier League matches resume after the internationals.

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  • gazza

    Good thing Spurs got in six new players in place of you-know-who because it looks like they have, at any one time, five top players permanently on the injury list.

    • Logan Holmes

      I suppose that’s why we brought in so many to cover for injury and loss of form as there always seems to be someone on the injury list taking longer to recover than anticipated.

      • gazza

        Yes, it seems like over the years Lennon, for one, has spent as much time on the treatment table as on the pitch. I wonder if Kaboul will even remember which end of the ball is up when/if he finally returns full time. As for Ade, I wonder what it’s like to be permanently on leave with full pay? Imagine siphoning off 170,000 a week from a bank for free!

        • Logan Holmes

          It always seems to take Lennon a long time to recover from injuries and then more time to rediscover his best form.

  • Surespur

    Excellent roundup, Logan. I’m really concerned about Kaboul. I’m no expert, but having to adopt a different running position suggests to me that the fix to his knee was less then ideal. I hope I’m wrong as Kaboul is a top player and it would be a real shame for him if he becomes one of those ‘injury prone’ cases. Fingers crossed!

    • Logan Holmes

      Thanks – yes, like you, I’m concerned about Kaboul – had been really looking forward to seeing him develop a partnership in central defence with Vertonghen last season but it wasn’t to be and at present it doesn’t look like happening any time soon.

      It took Kaboul a very long time to get back from the injury, there having been talk of a return last January. Hope he gets it sorted out but with doubts about his fitness it makes the sale of Caulker even stranger, although that was probably as much to do with Caulker wanting regular football which is understandable.

  • ColinSC

    What do they mean illness in the case of Adebayor? The grieving process I can understand but he hasnt got near playing this year.. on over 100,000 a week?

    • Logan Holmes

      He was reported to be unwell when he returned from compassionate leave and was unable to start training on the expected date. Not sure whether he has recovered yet but I presume that he has as that was a couple of weeks ago.

      • ColinSC

        On that rate of pay I would have started chasing him with a cattle prod by now …

        • Logan Holmes

          I know what you mean – great work if you can get it! COYS!

  • sheikh352

    Thanks for the updates, Logan. I worry most about Kaboul. Firstly, from the point of view that AVB, in his wisdom, decided to trim the squad from having five CBs to four, knowing that all was not right with Kaboul, we are left somewhat under-resourced, given that an injury to or suspension of one of our remaining three CBs would place us in a bit of a pickle. The injury to Lennon has less serious consequences, given that AVB has not seen fit to play wingers as outside forwards, rather, on opposite sides, as “inverted” wingers. Personally, I’d like us to vary this plan, as I think there is only so much I can take of Andros Townsend turning square, 35 yards from the goal line and blasting his inevitable shot into the upper decks of the North and South Stands. Capoue’s injury came as a real blow, since it occurred so soon after he announced himself as the surprise package of the “Magnificent 7″ (which, incidentally, is screening on TV in Australia, tonight, shortly before the game against West ham kicks off!)

    Danny Rose’s injury should have, by now, given a Premier League opportunity to Zeki Fryers and, if not, then it highlights the need for a new LB to be purchased in January, or the return to the fold of Benny.

    Adebayor is Adebayor. The acquisition of a power forward, in January, will render him irrelevant to the cause. Since it’s unlikely that we will see him return to the form of two season ago, then it might be the cheapest option to give him the million pounds he demands and just cancel his contract.

    • Logan Holmes

      Kaboul at full fitness would be such an asset but for the present that doesn’t appear to be going to happen. With his slow recovery from injury, it seems a strange decision to let Caulker go although he was understandably anxious for regular football. The plan may have been to use Capoue in central defence but his injury has meant an overuse of Dawson and Vertonghen in EL and Cup games increasing their risk of injury.

      Rose impressed at left back so hopefully he will be back soon and Fryers has looked OK at left back against weak opposition. Naughton is not the answer as he is constantly caught out trying to play the ball with his right foot.

      I would like to see some more width going forward as at present only Walker is providing it, and Rose when in the team – and it might provide greater opportunities for Soldado to get among the goals.

      Thanks for your comments, always appreciated. COYS!

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