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Close Call For Tottenham – Should Hugo Lloris Have Been Dismissed?

It was a crucial moment early in the match but Tottenham and Hugo Lloris got the benefit of the doubt as he came out to the edge of his penalty area to clear the ball with Fraizer Campbell advancing on goal. The officials decided in favour of the Spurs goalkeeper – Where they right?

It was a very difficult decision for the officials who had to decide if Lloris in clearing the ball had handled it outside his box. He was penalised and booked for a similar offence against Norwich last Saturday but was he lucky this time?

Andre Villas-Boas’ comments on the Lloris incident were reported in the Ham & High website, saying,

I haven’t seen it, but I understand he was right on the limit. I’m not sure if there is some controversy there. Most people I have spoken to told me his hand is right on the line. I think if that is the case the referee made the right decision.

Tottenham had played themselves into trouble. Kyle Naughton playing at left back in place of the injured Danny Rose was put under pressure by Craig Bellamy after 5 minutes. In trying to get the ball on to his stronger right foot in order to clear he was forced into a misplaced back pass towards his goalkeeper. Lloris rushed out to the edge of the area as Campbell closed in on him and the ball. The goalkeeper got his hand to the ball to make a vital clearance but when he made contact with the ball was it inside or outside the penalty area?

The referee was in no position to know while Lloris’ body obscured the view of his assistant. They could not be certain and play moved on. After viewing the incident from numerous camera angles, the television decided that he touched it outside the area but I feel Lloris had made contact on the 18-yard line as when the ball had gone Lloris’ hand was on the line and rushing out at such pace the momentum would surely have taken him further out of his area.

It was a crucial judgement as if it had gone against Lloris, the referee would have had to send him off and Spurs would have been facing a considerable challenge playing against Cardiff with only ten men for 85 plus minutes.

Spurs may have got lucky this time or did they?

Should Hugo Lloris have been sent off?

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  • Smoother Minges

    At the exact point Lloris’ hand touches the ball, replays show it is just on the line. There is no further evidence in real-time, for the referee to be sure that he touches the ball beyond the line (thereby giving the ref more confidence to sanction the player). As such, the ref made the only call he could which was to wave play on, as he did so, correctly in my opinion.

    • Logan Holmes

      Officials made the right decision IMHO. COYS!

      • Smoother Minges

        Which is odd considering the ref in question was Clattenburg, who, let’s be fair here, isn’t exactly known to be lenient towards Spurs when officiating games they are playing in…

        • Logan Holmes

          That is very true but we’ll be grateful that he called it correctly this time.

          • Smoother Minges

            Yeah, sadly, something tells me he won’t next time…

          • Logan Holmes

            A true Spurs fan speaking there! LOL!

  • Michelle

    First contact was ON the line: no debate!!

    • Logan Holmes

      That was my reading of the situation even though TV commentators kept on about it being outside. COYS!

  • Marianne Fischer

    He could have, He wasn`t, we won, move on. COYS!

    • Logan Holmes

      We are – 3 points and =1st even though that doesn’t fit in with some of the media’s agenda.

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  • Steve Trott

    Cardiff City super supporter here! I thought I would give you my biased ( aren`t we all? ) view of Saturdays game from a home perspective.
    Still a bit knackered, as I have had a hard few days of sports watching. Since watching you lot outplay the canaries, I have seen Bournemouth ( where I now live ) beat Barnsley and also witnessed Glamorgan get thrashed at Lords. Nice cheap day out mind…….not! £40 for the ticket, £4.60 for a pint in a plastic cup, and an eye watering £10 for a bloody beef burger!
    Anyway, back to Sunday ( why was the kick off not 3 by the way?)
    As I predicted after the Norwich game last week, which I watched with Alan Hill, you absolutely out classed us. Before kick off, I was delighted to see Danny Rose`s name missing from the team sheet, as I was really impressed with him, and he would have been up against Craig Bellamy, who is now the wrong side of that mythical hill they always talk about!
    I was gutted after the game, not because you took a thoroughly deserved 3 points, but just at the lateness of the goal.
    Having said all that, and despite the fact that our keeper was motm and we never had a single shot on target, we could, and perhaps should, have had a lucky win.

    Firstly, your keeper did his weekly hand ball outside the area and should have been sent off by the preening Clattenburg. The corner that was disallowed would have been awarded 9 times out of ten to a home team. Finally, we missed a sitter at nil nil with a few minutes to go.
    For what it`s worth, I think Spurs will definitely finish top 4, and just might challenge for the title.
    The only signs of slight weakness I can see in your squad is the keeper ( what was he doing to concede the corner? ) and maybe at centre half when attacked on the deck. By the way, I am amazed AVB prefers Dawson to Caulker.
    I love the way Tottenham play football the way it should be played, so good luck for the rest of the season!

    Steve Trott

    • Logan Holmes

      Hi Steve

      Good to hear from you – you’ve been busy since we met
      at WHL. I understand how you feel about the late goal – it really looked
      as if Cardiff were going to get the point which they deserved for their
      effort throughout the game.

      Naughton really struggles on the left and Bellamy caused him constant problems – hopefully Rose will make a quick recovery.

      Caulker didn’t get the chance to establish himself with Spurs
      and last season’s rotation in central defence didn’t help him. He
      started well had a few difficult games mid-season and then Dawson with
      his total commitment got back into the team and Caulker’s chance was gone. it would probably have been the same this year and he wasn’t prepared to wait – quite understandable.

      All the best for the rest of the season – apart from the return at WHL in March.