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The Thursday Tottenham Quiz - Spurs Strikers

Welcome to the weekly Tottenham quiz. This week 10 questions on Tottenham strikers past and present.

Ten questions to test your knowledge of some of Tottenham’s strikers since the 1950s. This week all of the answers can be found at the link to the question as I may not be able to post the answers in the comments box at the end of the article until later.

Tottenham Quiz – Spurs Strikers

1.  Jimmy Greaves tops the Tottenham all-time goal scoring record and after scoring twice against Dinamo Tbilisi Jermain Defoe has moved into 6th position. Who are the other players above him on the Tottenham list?  (4 points).  Answer

2.  Which striker has scored the most goals for Tottenham in European competitions?  (1 point)  Answer

3.  Which club did Steve Archibald join on leaving White Hart Lane?  (1 point)  Answer

4.  Jermain Defoe scored on his Tottenham debut. Who was it against?  (1 point)  Answer

5.  Colin Lee scored 4 goals on his debut against Bristol Rovers. Who was his fellow striker who scored a hat- trick in Spurs’ 9 – 0 success.  (1 point)  Answer

6.  Against which team did Jurgen Klinsmann make his first appearance for Tottenham in a friendly in August, 1994?  (1 point)  Answer

7.  Which club did Bobby Smith join when he left Spurs in 1964?  (1 point)  Answer

8.  In August, 1993 who scored the first goal during Ossie Ardiles time as manager?  (1 point)  Answer

9.  Which striker did Spurs sign from:

(i) Stoke City in 1980?  (1 point)  Answer
(ii) Leeds United in 2002?  (1 point)  Answer
(iii) Crystal Palace in 1995?  (1 point)  Answer

10.  Against which team did Harry Kane score his first senior goal for Spurs?  (1 point)  Answer

How did you get on?

Are you a Jimmy Greaves or a Helder Postiga on Tottenham strikers?

11 – 15 points:  Jimmy Greaves

5 – 10:  Teddy Sheringham

1 – 4:  Helder Postiga

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