Differing Views On Gareth Bale's Summer Of Discontent With Tottenham

Gareth Bale has gone now – off to Real Madrid for a record breaking fee of £85.3m. Where do you stand on Gareth Bale’s departure from White Hart Lane and how he responded to Real Madrid’s approach to sign him from Tottenham?

With apologies and acknowledgement to Private Eye for the inspiration of its Glenda Slagg column (for all I know they have already covered this subject but here is my version).

Glenda Slagg

Gareth Bale – aren’tyajustsickof ‘im? All summer long he has been messing his team around trying to engineer a move to that big Spanish club that is in debt up to its eyeballs and wants him on the never-never.

He gets an “injury” which moves from his backside to his foot and is just enough to keep him doing a hand’s turn for his club. He gets a sulk on and refuses to talk to anybody. Yet he feeds out quotes via his representatives saying he is furious, frustrated and wants fairness. Fairness? What’s unfair about the new 6 year contract he signed earlier in the year for a king’s ransom? Most of us would settle for one month of his wages to live on for the rest of our lives.

He has copyrighted his heart sign with an 11 in it, as if all the money he gets already is not enough for any man.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. He would be nowhere without Spurs. A real Jonah for two years. In his first 3 seasons he only got 5 goals and 5 assists in total, yet Spurs stuck by him and developed him. He didn’t even get into double figures for goals until last season. It’s only in two out of the last 6 seasons when he has proved an asset to the club. They have won nothing with him.

Typical footballer, he got his girl pregnant but hasn’t married her. What kind of example is that to set to the kids on the council estates in Cardiff?

Gareth Bale,

Don’t ya just love him? A clean cut Welsh lad who has developed into the best and most valuable footballer in the World. He is still with his childhood sweetheart and their delightful baby daughter. He is not your typical footballer, not for him the tawdry world of WAGS and night clubs.

He even goes home to his Mum’s at weekends for her Sunday roast. What a great example to set to the poor kids on the Cardiff council estates.

Spurs would be nowhere without him. He has carried the team for the last two seasons. In 2012-13 he scored many crucial wonderful goals, 21 in all and 38% of the whole team’s total. He single-handedly dragged them into the Europa League and won the triple player of the year awards. What a guy!

When Spurs were in the Champions League he ran rings around the best defenders in Europe and scored marvellous goals.

He has stayed with Spurs for several years since they took him from Southampton for a song. Now they are being mealy mouthed about accepting a world record bid from the biggest and best team in the world.

His wages might seem like a lot of money but remember footballers have such short careers and could be ended by an injury at a stroke. Who can blame him for trying to get the best deal for himself and his family? Let him go you rotters!


Glenda xxx.

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