Emmanuel Adebayor [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Emmanuel Adebayor Preparing For Life Away From Tottenham

After a disappointing season at White Hart Lane last year, the general consensus of opinion during the summer has been that Emmanuel Adebayor would be leaving Tottenham. Recent comments by Adebayor suggest that he is preparing for life away from Spurs.


Twelve months ago Adebayor completed his transfer from Manchester City after protracted negotiations lasting throughout the summer. The previous season, while on loan with Spurs he had been an integral part of the team which finished the season in fourth place, just missing out on third. He failed to reproduce the form or application last year and apart for a few encouraging displays in the final games of the season he had been an anonymous and peripheral member of the squad under Andre Villas-Boas.

Tottenham’s search for a striker and the signing of Roberto Soldado from Valencia was an indication that Adebayor’s time at Spurs could be coming to and end. Soldado has scored in all four matches he’s played in and has shown a desire to be involved in all aspects of the game – linking with midfield as well as holding up play and working back to defend when necessary. Soldado’s contribution in recent games has clearly illustrated what Spurs were missing last season. The writing has been on the wall for Adebayor and possibly Jermain Defoe for some time and if Spurs can complete the signing of another striker, probably Erik Lamela from Roma, in the next week, either or both of last year’s strikers could be leaving the club.

Preparing For A Move

Adebayor and BAE at WHL for the Swansea game. [Photo: @AssouEkotto]


There have been reports of interest in signing Adebayor from Besiktas earlier in the transfer window but nothing was finalised and there was uncertainty over the Turkish club’s position regarding a ban from European competitions imposed by UEFA for match fixing as SkySports  reported. The club were reported to have been in discussions with Spurs but were unable to reach agreement with the player on his salary.

In a recent interview with Turkishfootball.com Adebayor denied he would be joining the Turkish club. Adebayor stated that he was unlikely to move to Turkey but that there were a number of clubs which were interested in signing him. The determining factors would be whether he wanted to play for them and that he would like to play in England. He expects to come to a decision soon which suggests that there could be movement in the coming days before the transfer window closes on 2nd September..

“I don’t think I’ll be going to Turkey. There are clubs who want me however and what is important is whether I want to play for them or not. My priority is to play in England, I am happy here and in contact with clubs who want me. I will reveal who I’ll be playing for in the near future.”

The comments by Adebayor will be to Tottenham’s liking as Adebayor appears to be outside Andre Villas-Boas’ plans as he creates his own team at White Hart Lane and looks to build a strong, powerful and committed team which has started the season with three consecutive wins.


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  • Michelle

    I will sure miss BAE and his “lol” insights.
    As for Ade, the average male Chihuahua(uncut that is) tries harder.

    • Logan Holmes

      Very disappointed in him last season – had been so involved the previous year and simply never got started last season.

  • sheikh352

    He wants to stay in England. He says teams are interested in him – yet which teams can meet his exorbitant salary requirements, other than the Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal? Two of those were glad to see the back of him and the other two would not want him! An article, elsewhere, suggested Newcastle as a possible destination. Although in need of a striker, Mike Ashley is not hitherto known as a man to cave into extortionate demands. One of the big mistakes Daniel Levy made, last year, was to insist upon Adebayor signing a four-year deal, when the player himself (probably for financial reasons) was agitating for just a two-year contract. This now makes him much harder to shift, if he chooses not to go. The only other English club that might be able to accommodate his salary is Liverpool – but how could that happen, unless there are plans to cash in on Luis Suarez, this week?

    • Logan Holmes

      Like you, it was a concern to read he wants to stay in England. He will be hard to shift so I could see him staying and Defoe being the one to leave if we sign another striker, unless we’re going to freeze Adebayor out completely.

      • sheikh352

        That would be a pity. Defoe is a Club legend, having scored more than 199 times for us. He has worked hard in pre-season and doesn’t sulk when on the bench. Furthermore, he has spoken, many times, of his love for the Club. Of course, if we sign TWO more strikers, then, I accept, he might go – but in that case, I would still want Adebayor to go before Defoe. It shouldn’t be like this.

        Adebayor has all the gifts to be a match winner – but he rarely chooses to use them. Last year, we should have won at the Emirates and looked like we were well on top – until he got himself sent off, needlessly. then came the African Cup of Nations (held at the worst time of the season) and his EXTREMELY late return to the Club – despite us paying his wages and him knowing that an injured Defoe was carrying the load on his own (thank God for Bale).

        These two incidents and his stop-start form showed me that he – and we – would be happier if he plied his trade elsewhere. I don’t know if Hulk is the answer, yet, having said that, a forward line of Lamela, Soldado and Hulk would, surely, put the chills up most defenders in the league.

        • Logan Holmes

          Yes – Defoe has been loyal and if he stays is useful off the bench – Adebayor has NEVER scored when used as a sub.
          Hulk, I don’t think about – it seems beyond us but this summer anything seems possible – we’d better make the most of the opportunity.
          Thanks for your comments. Logan

          • sheikh352

            I meant that Defoe has scored more than 100, of course, NOT over 199. That honour belongs to only two people. The great Bobby Smith and the GREATEST of all, Jimmy Greaves!