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Benoit Assou-Ekotto [Photo: av The_DoC_66]

The Thursday Tottenham Quiz - Spurs Full Backs

Ten questions on Tottenham full backs and as always some of the answers can be found at the link to the question but all the answers will be in the comments box at the end of the article.

Tottenham Quiz – Spurs Full Backs

1.  Which full back scored an amazing goal against Liverpool at Anfield in 2005?  (1 point)

2.  Who were the two Tottenham full backs in the 2008 Carling Cup winning team against Chelsea at Wembley?  (2 points)

3.  Which full back did Spurs sign from Cardiff City in 2008 and sell to Nottingham Forest 18 months later?  (1 point)

4.  Name the Spurs full back who was sent off in the Worthington Cup Final in 1999.  (1 point)  Answer

5.  Who played at right back for Spurs in the 1950-51 season when the Push and Run team won the 1st Division title?  (1 point)  Answer

6.  Against which team did Kyle Walker score his first Tottenham goal?  (1 point)  Answer

7.  Ron Henry, the Double winning left back scored only one goal in his career at Spurs. Which team did he score against?  (1 point)  Answer

8.  Which full back did Tottenham sign from Middlesbrough in the summer of 1964?   (1 point)  Answer

9.  Benoit Assou-Ekotto has scored four goals for Spurs in Premier League matches. Who did he score against?  (4 points)

10.  Who was the Tottenham right back in the 1991 FA Cup win over Nottingham Forest and who did Spurs sign him from?  (2 points)  Answer


Some of the answers can be found at the links in the question but they will also be put in the first comment box after the quiz.

How did you get on?

Are you a Cyril Knowles or a David Kerslake on Tottenham full backs?

11 – 15 points:  Cyril Knowles

5 – 10:  Chris Hughton

1 – 4:  David Kerslake


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