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Andre Villas-Boas Fights Back For Tottenham In Battle For Gareth Bale

In his post-match press conference following Tottenham’s 5 – 2 defeat against Monaco, Andre Villas-Boas spoke out on the issue that has been on every Spurs fans’ mind and in every headline through the summer transfer window, Real Madrid’s attempts to lure Gareth Bale away from Spurs.

Strong words from AVB on Gareth Bale. [Photo: Alan Hill]

Villas-Boas stated clearly what Tottenham’s views are on the matter, maintaining the position that the club has held throughout the summer, that Gareth Bale is not for sale. He confirmed that there have been discussions with Real Madrid, something AVB thinks was wrong, but the talks have consisted of telling them that Bale was not for sale.

Through the summer Tottenham have conducted themselves in a dignified, quiet manner over questions on a possible transfer while Real have tried every trick and method available to unsettle Bale. They have been vocal in their desire to sign Bale with their ambassador and now assistant manager, Zinedine Zidane frequently making comments on the issue. Madrid players, including Luka Modric, have spoken out, almost on a daily basis, to try and persuade Bale to join them at the Bernabeu. The media in Spain, especially their mouth-piece, Marca, have had sensational headlines and reports of increasing world-record bids for Bale which have all been picked up by the British press and so the story continues to grow.

Tottenham and Real Madrid reached an agreement on co-operation in various areas last summer at the time of the Modric transfer. Obviously referring to this and Real Madrid’s very public approach to ‘negotiations’, AVB said,

“We signed an agreement last year, of good will and respect. We’re not willing to concede to their tactics about the player. We have seen lots of people speak about a player that is not theirs and we are due some respect.”

In spite of Bale having played in only the opening pre-season match at Swindon, Villas-Boas said that he is looking forward to the future with Gareth. He said that in football anything is possible but that Tottenham are not willing to concede to their interest in Bale. He is NOT their player!

These strong views from Andre Villas-Boas come at a time when there has been a general impression that the Bale transfer saga was drawing to an inevitable conclusion of the player leaving White Hart Lane for Spain. The media have spoken of it being concluded in days but these comments with AVB stating that the talk of an imminent transfer is not true, show that Tottenham aren’t prepared to lie down and role over in the face of the power and treat of Real Madrid and the constant media bombardment instigated by them.

Well Done Spurs!

Well done Tottenham, well done AVB – it’s about time someone stood up to Real Madrid and their unedifying bullying tactics to force through a transfer. As AVB said,  “Normally in situations like this it is scrutinised by the Football Association with lots of care and attention,” but in this situation, UEFA and the authorities  haven’t the desire or the bottle to do it again Real. Keep it up Tottenham – the fans are behind you, don’t let us down.

I’ll leave the last word to Villas-Boas as reported on Twitter by @TalkingTHFC. AVB is realistic enough to know that anything is possible in football but makes a very clear positive response.

Come on you Spurs!


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