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David Villa's Comments Confirm The Fears Of Many Tottenham Fans

David Villa looked set to sign for Spurs but out of the blue within hours of reading in the papers of an imminent conclusion to the deal, he had completed a transfer from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid.


Was this another case of the Spurs management waiting and waiting in the hope of reducing the fee or was it a matter of Villa preferring to stay in Spain where he has played all his football? A previous comment from Villa’s father indicated that he had planned to come to the Premier League and comments from the player in a report in today’s Mirror, confirm that he was ready to come to Tottenham.

“It is true the idea was for me to go to the Premier League, because the biggest offers came from there.”

Villa had said he would decide his future at the conclusion of the Confederations Cup but then is critical of Tottenham’s style of protracted negotiating which failed to bring the deal to a conclusion. He said, rather tellingly, and something many Spurs fans have always thought,

“But then Atletico Madrid showed up and they did more in three days than others did in months.”

This would not be the first example of similar situations happening to Tottenham where in previous transfer windows they looked like completing a deal only for it to drag on with the result that another club stepped in or the player negotiated and signed a new contract with his current club.

Another example of this happening is over the deal for the young Croatian, Tin Jedvaj. It appeared that Spurs were in prime position to complete the signing of both of the Croatian players, according to comments attributed to a Director of Dinamo Zagreb. A week later Jedvaj signed for Roma and his comment in the Mirror article backs up Villa’s remarks,

“In the last weeks, there had been a strong interest from Tottenham, but Roma did a strong negotiation and now I’m happy to be in this group.”

Benteke and Chadli

Tottenham are currently reported to be interested in signing Christian Benteke from Aston Villa and Nacer Chadli from FC Twente with both players apparently keen to sign for the club according to comments which have been attributed to them. Tottenham, however, it is thought have not yet placed a bid for either player. Looking to ‘hedge their bets’ or get a better price later in the transfer window or considering Plan B, C or D, whichever it is, delaying tactics have seen Spurs lose out in the past and could happen again.

Tottenham can’t compete for the top-class players so when good, international players are showing a willingness to come to White Hart Lane, it should make the negotiating process that bit easier but unfortunately not in the case of Tottenham. As other clubs sign up new players, the length of time Tottenham take over negotiations is what many Spurs supporters find so frustrating during the transfer windows.


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  • Crísandro ✌

    No quotes from Villa, if it is from Villa, about that club being Tottenham.

  • JInksy

    Show me a quote from Benteke stating he wants to go to Spurs or even a quote attributed to him…You can’t can you!!!

    • Alicat

      Show me a quote from Aston Villa that says they won’t sell for less than £25 million? Show me a quote from Spurs to say we are interested in Benteke? Or in regards to how much we going to offer? From beginning to end all the information provided in this transfer is speculation and conjecture. People are believing the bits they want to in order to facilitate their own version of the story. The only thing known is Benteke has handed in a transfer request. It’s very unlikely he’s done that without knowing a club is seriously interesting in him, its been suggested it Spurs. Not sure if Spurs is the club he wants to be at or not? But he doesn’t want to be at Villa, that at least is clear.

      • Lee Merrett

        Type in ‘Paul Lambert Benteke’ into Google mate, you’ll find quotes of Lambert saying it would take a massive bid of more than treble his original fee to prize him away and he has even said he’s worth £30m to us to let him go more than once in interviews. Plus players can’t hand in a Transfer request with less than a year or 1/3 left on the contract (whichever is less). He has expressed a desire to move on that is all, he would forfeit all bonuses and fees if he demands a move.

        • Alicat

          This really just continues on from the point i’m making. A lot of what is being said is being manipulated to suit the point of view of whoever’s saying it. £25 million ‘rated’ only ever appears in headlines. What is a massive bid? Treble his original fee would be £21 million, then you say Lambert actually said he’s worth £30 million to Villa, fair enough, but that there is a 9 million difference. It’s ambiguous and it seems even Lambert isn’t quite sure of his value.
          I’m not sure what you mean by him not handing in a transfer request? I thought that was the one area that was clear, every report describes it as a transfer request? He also has several years left on his contract, more than a year or 1/3? But even if it’s just an expressed desire to move, a demand, or a transfer request like it’s being reported, he doesn’t really want to be at Villa.

          • Lee Merrett

            The transfer fee was 9.2m Euro apporox £8m. So that would be £24m to start. He can hand in a written transfer request but the moment the club receives it he forfeits all bonus payments and commercial fees and revenues, so it will cost them a lot of money. He hasn’t officially done that yet. A good example is the way UTD are trying to get Rooney to do it, they won’t have to pay him a penny when he leaves. Once you’ve done it thats it no going back on the money lost. As for Benteke wanting to leave, there is no doubt about that, Villa have confirmed it and said that if the required amount is met and withing the time frame set he can go with their blessing. And from a fan with our blessing too, he did this to Standard Liege, Genk and now us all in a row. The difference is he is contracted to us for three more years, we paid a lot for him as an unknown and developed him so now we require top dollar for him. Simple. We sold Milner for £26m with two years left, Barry for £12m with a year left, Young for £16.5m with a year left, Downing £20m with 2 years left etc etc etc … all with no add on’s, single payment transfer ..no way on this planet will Lerner let Benteke go for £17-18m, he is worth more than that to us, it doesn’t matter what Spurs think he’s worth. We don’t need the money, we don’t have to sell. Bent, Given, Ireland have all been put to train with the academy on £60k a week wages. If you want to be a big club you’ll have to spend big money mate … he isn’t welcome at Villa any more thats for sure, and he’s an Arsenal fan so good luck !!!

          • Alicat

            I understand completely Villa’s position and how they have their valuation of the player. It will be interesting to see Villa’s resolve on this because that valuation is only held by Villa it won’t be met by Spurs, not as a straight cash deal, maybe with add-ons down the line, but even then i’m skeptical. The question will be how professional Benteke is, because if he’s kept he will need to match his performances from last season for that value to be met in the future. If he is an arsenal fan, it may take them to get involved to see that valuation met or another club at least.

  • lolipop

    I question how much we really wanted Villa, 31 injury prone? Look at Paulino, 17mil job done! nuff said. In Levy I trust!!

    • John Smith

      In Levy you rust

      He is no stranger to signing 30+ players who aren’t as good as Villa and cost a lot more

      • lolipop

        The point is Levy & Co are the only people who really know why they didnt go for him. That leaves people, as already mentioned to just speculate what is going on leaving others to take their ideas as fact.

  • Andros Pangalos

    always first in mentioning names ,but too slow in negotiating.Its been the same old story for many years now,villa was a sure buy,only paper and pen was left and then Madrid pop out from nowere and sign him.Personally I would ‘nt care if he was 35 ,the guy is world class,one of the best all time players. For god sakes guys he was playing for barca last year,then all of a sudden he’s too old,,,ok!. Paulinho who new this guy 6 months ago? maybe we bought him,cause now one else was interested.?????

  • RhinoNeal111

    I am really unconcerned about the buying of Benteke because I feel that he doesn’t have enough experience but if Spurs to get him then I will still be pleased.

    My main concern at Spurs is the people that are in control of our transfers. It could be that Levy has not handed over full control yet to Baldini and it is all still in Levy’s hands. Whoever it is I do have to say that they are a complete joke and do not seem to know what they are doing. They are becoming famous now for the amount of players they lose out on and are a complete embarassment to all Spurs fans. The time it takes to wrap up a deal, the way they always try to screw the chairman they are buying from and who is it that puts a valuation on the players? They are usually miles out on the valuation or maybe whatever a club is asking for the Spurs board will just undercut even if they asked a tenner for a player then I am pretty sure we will bid six quid.

    We really needed to get the players in early this window and besides Paulinho it does not look like it is going to happen yet again. When will Levy put the team first instead of making money or driving a hard bargain. I think he has gotten carried away with people calling him an astute businessman. If an astute businessman would rather hold onto fringe players whilst paying their wages then ok. If an astute businessman would rather call a deal off (Damiao) for the sake of an extra £2 million and leave the team with just two strikers which meant we miss out on Champions Leage then fair enough…to me though that is a crap businessman with no brains.