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David Villa's Comments Confirm The Fears Of Many Tottenham Fans

David Villa looked set to sign for Spurs but out of the blue within hours of reading in the papers of an imminent conclusion to the deal, he had completed a transfer from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid.

Was this another case of the Spurs management waiting and waiting in the hope of reducing the fee or was it a matter of Villa preferring to stay in Spain where he has played all his football? A previous comment from Villa’s father indicated that he had planned to come to the Premier League and comments from the player in a report in today’s Mirror, confirm that he was ready to come to Tottenham.

“It is true the idea was for me to go to the Premier League, because the biggest offers came from there.”

Villa had said he would decide his future at the conclusion of the Confederations Cup but then is critical of Tottenham’s style of protracted negotiating which failed to bring the deal to a conclusion. He said, rather tellingly, and something many Spurs fans have always thought,

“But then Atletico Madrid showed up and they did more in three days than others did in months.”

This would not be the first example of similar situations happening to Tottenham where in previous transfer windows they looked like completing a deal only for it to drag on with the result that another club stepped in or the player negotiated and signed a new contract with his current club.

Another example of this happening is over the deal for the young Croatian, Tin Jedvaj. It appeared that Spurs were in prime position to complete the signing of both of the Croatian players, according to comments attributed to a Director of Dinamo Zagreb. A week later Jedvaj signed for Roma and his comment in the Mirror article backs up Villa’s remarks,

“In the last weeks, there had been a strong interest from Tottenham, but Roma did a strong negotiation and now I’m happy to be in this group.”

Benteke and Chadli

Tottenham are currently reported to be interested in signing Christian Benteke from Aston Villa and Nacer Chadli from FC Twente with both players apparently keen to sign for the club according to comments which have been attributed to them. Tottenham, however, it is thought have not yet placed a bid for either player. Looking to ‘hedge their bets’ or get a better price later in the transfer window or considering Plan B, C or D, whichever it is, delaying tactics have seen Spurs lose out in the past and could happen again.

Tottenham can’t compete for the top-class players so when good, international players are showing a willingness to come to White Hart Lane, it should make the negotiating process that bit easier but unfortunately not in the case of Tottenham. As other clubs sign up new players, the length of time Tottenham take over negotiations is what many Spurs supporters find so frustrating during the transfer windows.


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