Aaron Lennon provides a constant threat from the right [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

The Jinxing, Dancing Feet Of Tottenham's Aaron Lennon

I watched this video of Aaron Lennon from a link on Twitter yesterday morning and it reminded me of how important Lennon is to Tottenham. What words can describe Lennon when he sets off at pace on one of his jinking, magical runs which leave defenders floundering, afraid to tackle as he dances his way towards the goal.

The video, ‘Years of Remembrance’ compiled earlier this year by Muntasir 619 looks at Lennon’s years at Tottenham from 2005 to 2013.


AVB gives instructions to Gareth Bale during the game as he does for Aaron Lennon [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

Gareth Bale is the player who is lauded by the media for his part in Tottenham’s success and rightly so but Lennon makes a major contribution in his own right. Lennon is now a more complete, rounded player playing his part in all aspects of the team. He has developed in the past year under Andre Villas-Boas and during breaks in a game is frequently seen seeking guidance and discussing points with the Head Coach, looking to improve his game. He works hard defensively for the team and to support Kyle Walker with whom he has developed a good understanding and is still able to provide an attacking threat from positions deep within his own half. Such is his threat that defenders frequently resort to bringing him down inside the Tottenham half or when he has just crossed the halfway line to ensure he causes no further damage to their defence.

Goal Scoring Record

There is no better sight for a Spurs fan than to see Lennon and Bale in full flight attacking a back-tracking defence. As Lennon twists and turns, skipping his way towards goal where he can turn provider or scorer. He holds the enviable record that Spurs have never lost whenever he has scored. His 29 goals in 28 matches have brought 25 wins and 3 draws – he scored twice in one match against Middlesbrough in March, 2009.

Late Goals – Lennon’s Speciality

Many of Lennon’s goals have come as crucial late winners – against Birmingham City and Liverpool at White Hart Lane or a late equaliser as in away games against Newcastle and Arsenal. He scored the last minute equaliser against Arsenal at the Emirates in Harry Redknapp’s first match in charge as Spurs scored twice in the final minute to rescue a point in a 4 – 4 draw, Lennon being on hand after Modric’s shot hit the post and came out to him.

March, 2013 Goal Against Arsenal

Lennon’s last goal was in March in the north London derby at White Hart Lane when he scored the second goal, an almost identical goal to the one Bale scored moments earlier. The right winger cutting in from the right collected a perfect pass from Scott Parker and ran behind the Arsenal defence to take the ball round the stranded goalkeeper to place the ball into the empty net.

When Lennon was injured towards the end of last season, his absence was as bid a loss as that of Bale who was out at the same time. Spurs had lost their two main paciest players which made it so much easier for opposing defenders.

Lennon was unfortunate to miss out on England selection for two years after the World Cup in South Africa but rightly returned to the squad last season.

Having had a season under AVB, Lennon will look to continue his progress and provide Spurs with more goals and assists using his jinxing runs to create more havoc in opposing defences to the delight of the appreciative Tottenham supporters.

A Record of All of Aaron Lennon’s goals for Tottenham: here

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