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The Thursday Tottenham Quiz - Season 2012-13

HotspurHQ’s third Tottenham quiz is concentrating on last season. So with 2012-13 still fresh in everyone’s memory enjoy the following 10 questions.

Tottenham Hotspur – Season 2012-13

1.  Which player scored Tottenham’s first goal of 2013?  Answer

2.  How many clean sheets did Spurs keep in all competitions last season?

Brad Friedel [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]

3.  When Brad Friedel missed the home match against Aston Villa in October, how many consecutive matches had he played in the Premier League over 9 seasons?  Answer

4.  Which player made the pass to Gareth Bale before he scored the winning goal against West Ham at Upton Park?  Answer

5.  Emmanuel Adebayor only scored 8 goals all season. Against which team did score his first goal of the season?  Answer

6.  Which was the first game where Jan Vertonghen moved from central defence to play at left back?  Answer

7.  Jermain Defoe ended the season level with Alan Gilzean, =7th on Tottenham’s all-time goalscoring list. How many goals has Defoe scored in his two periods with Spurs?  Answer

8.  Tottenham set a club record in 2012-13. How many games did Spurs go undefeated in the Premier League between their two losses in Liverpool?  Answer

9.  How many points did Tottenham take from the three teams promoted to the Premier League last season?

10.  Jan Vertonghen scored 6 goals for Spurs in all competitions last season. Name the 4 teams he scored against.


Some of the answers can be found at the links after the question but all of the answers will be put in the first comment box after the Quiz on HotspurHQ.

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