Emmanuel Adebayor with Gareth Bale [Photo: Jav The_Doc_66]

Time For Them Togo As Inter’s Racist Loser Fans Inspire Adebayor And Spurs

Last night, I wondered what it was that gave Spurs players that extra energy in extra time. Seeing Andre Villas-Boas on Sky this morning complain about racist abuse directed at Emmanuel Adebayor may have supplied the answer. Adebayor, for whatever reason has been under par for much of this season. We needed more from him. I think it is by now generally accepted wisdom that with the best players, personal abuse winds them up, makes them angry and they channel that anger into better performances which punish their abusers.We have seen Gareth Bale do it recently when he has been hacked down, or booked for diving. He picks himself up, goes on a run, takes a free kick and scores. The more personal or unjustified the taunt, the more it galvanizes the target. So, thank you Inter fans, for getting Adebayor going. Last night I thought they were boos directed at him for either time wasting or fouls. I did not realise they were monkey chants. How foolish of the most stupid Inter fans. I am sure they are in the minority but there were enough to make themselves heard and drive Adebayor to one last push, one last run into the area. They gave him the inspiration to stretch out that leg beyond the defender and stab the ball into the net.


Anyone with any sense wants racist abuse to stop. The authorities never punish it severely enough. If there is any compensation when it happens, it is that we can use it time and again to drive us to victory against the abusers and they so far have been too thick to realise they are handing victory to us on a plate. If they weren’t so hateful, it would be hilarious. It is like watching the old Road Runner cartoons where Wyl. E. Coyote is too dumb to realise he is on a constant loser. If the majority of decent Italian fans don’t hound out their racists, it just guarantees we will keep beating them again and again and again as we have in recent years. Perhaps we should all publicise our thanks to the racists more widely. Or perhaps not. I like this winning feeling and being able to laugh at them after they have inadvertently given us another victory, negating all the hard work their players put in. Ha ha ha. Well done Adebayor for turning it back on them like a laser.

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