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Tottenham To Prove 2010 Win Against Inter Milan Was No Fluke!

Tottenham’s games are coming thick and fast in our exciting run in now. Aim at the heavens but remember it’s not that long since we went for several years when our season was already over before March. Inter Milan on Thursday in the Europa League.

Inter Milan – Let’s prove 2010 – 11 was no fluke.

When we last played them a few years ago, I was no longer attending games on a regular basis but I did watch it live on Sky and my nephew Richard had grown up to be a season ticket holder. We have had great fun texting each other during games. I have been able to give him insight to incidents from slo-mo replays, whilst he can confirm some of the chants in the crowd. It might be amusing to publish a transcript of the texts from a match in one of these blogs.  Only trouble is we might have to use up a lot of asterisks.  I didn’t know it at the time but he was also collecting the programmes for me. They were a great treat when I came round from the operation to have a brain tumour removed that summer and contained some interesting trivia.
  • For example, which famous Spurs player was the first to score against Inter Milan? Answer: Jimmy Greaves. He scored the second goal for A.C. Milan in the 3-1 derby victory in 1961 in a run of 9 goals in 14 games before signing for Tottenham.

Gareth Bale really arrived on the World stage against Inter Milan in our 2010 – 11 Champions League run, scoring a hat trick in a storming comeback to 3-4 from 0-4 down at half time in the San Siro. We turned them over 3 – 1 in the return leg at White Hart Lane.

  • Did you know that the only other Spurs player to score a hat trick in Europe was – Alan Gilzean in our very first UEFA Cup away game against Keflavik in 1971?

Let’s hope Gareth can do it again on Thursday, although we have no right to expect him to continue to deliver at his recent stratospheric level. They must be shaking in their boots.

Behave yourselves, set an example.

Whatever happens on Thursday, however bad the refereeing decisions seem to us; our players and staff must accept them and get on with it. Even if they leave us distraught. Yet again, the behaviour of the Manchester United players and management on Tuesday evening was disgusting. Ferdinand towering over the referee’s face and clapping menacingly right in front of his nose was little short of assault. How he had the cheek to try and get off the hook by returning to shake his hand a minute later, I’ll never know.

What is so annoying is that they hardly ever lose and when they do they react with such bad grace. Twenty fours hours later, people are split over whether the ref’s decision was right or wrong. That alone is enough to show that it is wrong to dispute it, particularly in such an aggressive manner. I thought Roy Keane, as an ex-Man United player was spot on in his analysis of the incident, pointing out that regardless of intent, it was dangerous play. Sky news said today that UEFA are preparing charges against United. I should think so. This behaviour has to stop. It’s time they delivered a punishment that will bring about a permanent change in behaviour because they clearly can’t trust the club to police itself. Like banning the club from the competition next year as a repeat offender.

So much better to accept such decisions with honour and good grace as we did when our “goal” at Old Trafford was disallowed after it had crossed the line by a yard to cost us a Champions League place.

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