Tottenham Fans - Beware Of Too Much Gloating at Arsenal Loss!

FA Cup 5th Round shock!!

Tottenham must be wary of too much gloating at Arsenal’s sad demise in yet another trophy. Defeat at home to a David Bentley ‘inspired’ Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup 5th Round match. After last season, telling Arsenal to “Mind the Gap!”, mocking Chelsea as they slipped out of Champions League contention only to take Tottenham’s place with their defensively minded win in the Final against Bayern Munich.

Arsenal To Focus On The Champions’ League

Could it B third time lucky for Spurs?

B doesn’t seem to be a lucky letter for Arsenal this year. Bradford, Blackburn, Bayern…

I so want to laugh at Arsenal’s latest cup defeat to Blackburn but I don’t dare. Is it part of Wenger’s master plan to do a Chelsea and take our European place by fluke, winning the Champions’ League in the last match of the season and stealing ours? I have been fearing this since the start of the season, (see previous blogs) and despite it looking bad for Arsenal all the circumstances have come together over the last 6 months to bring this déjà vu nightmare closer and closer. We need them to lose to Bayern Munich before the North London derby. Then we need a victory over them at White Hart Lane and for us to maintain absolute focus until the end of the season.

No relaxing when we beat them. The club’s whole future and possibly that of Gareth Bale, depends on it.

[Editor: I know exactly how you feel Alan. I happened to look at BBC Sport this afternoon and discovered Blackburn were one up. I couldn't get off the site quickly enough, in case, my usual jinx happened, bringing an Arsenal recovery. It couldn't happen, you think, - I started to watch their Capital One Cup game at Reading in the 88th minute with the home team winning 4 - 2 and look what happened!]

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