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Going to Tottenham v Lyon. Need A Valentine's Day Gift? Alan's Ideas

Going to the Tottenham v Lyon Europa League match at White Hart Lane on Valentine’s Day?

This is the time for men to remember and thank their wives and girlfriends.Thankfully there are plenty of female Tottenham Hotspur supporters in their own right but there are also many WAGs (not sure they would appreciate that term though) who may not share our passion for the game but give us the room, time and support to follow our club, whether it be by attending matches or hogging the box for live games and highlights. There are plenty of ladies presents available in the official Spurs shops, including the cute little pink teddy bear pictured here, so come on lads, get her a present.

In the spirit of friendly relations between the clubs, I should also mention that there are female products available for Arsenal supporters too. Arsene Wenger’s ubiquitous sleeping bag coat can currently be obtained from the ladies’ department of Lands End reduced from £150.00 to £100.00. It is the Chalet Down Maxi Coat, catalogue no. 4178346K4 (pictured).

At the start of ta recent live televised game, Wenger appeared without his favourite coat, dressed in a grey suit. The commentator made a remark to the effect that he wasn’t wearing it and the temperature had risen by 8 or 9 degrees since the last game. My wife walked in from the kitchen 5 minutes later and said, “I see he’s wearing my coat again”. Sure enough he was sitting on the bench having donned it immediately after the kick-off. It’s like Steve McClaren’s brolly. Very sensible. We wouldn’t want him catching a cold, would we? A rheumy eye might hamper his view of his players ganging up on and disrespecting the officials yet again.

Seriously though, my wife has one (sans logo) and she says it’s the warmest, lightest, most comfortable winter coat she has ever worn. You will have a job getting your woman out of it (but can have plenty of fun trying). To make it more authentic, you can add the appropriate Arsenal related logo as a badge, which I have also included here for you to download, with thanks to the website.

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