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Leeds United Defeat Tottenham In The FA Cup Shock Horror

An emotional blog written in the heat of the moment.

It’s the 91st minute of the Oldham vs. Liverpool FA Cup tie and I am rooting for Liverpool to lose. It’s small minded and should be beneath me but I am nevertheless. There is 6 minutes of added time. I am also hoping that Chelsea lose their replay to Brentford. All of a sudden, I am pleased that Luton beat Norwich and that Aston Villa lost to Millwall. Why have I sunk to such depths? Because Spurs were deservedly beaten by Leeds  this afternoon and I’m looking for a small crumb of comfort to detract from our disappointment.

At least I’ll be able to point to a weekend of giant killing and say “Well, it was just par for the course this weekend” and shrug it off.  That’s it, the whistle has gone. Oldham victorious. Well done Oldham. No it doesn’t feel any better. Brendan Rogers, according to Adrian Chiles is looking “a little haunted”.  That’s how I feel. I’ll be miserable all week. Even a victory against Norwich on Wednesday won’t help much.

I wonder, do the Tottenham players feel it as bad as I do? I feel sorry for the young striker we played in place of Emmanuel Adebayor. He scored for Togo this morning after going back on his word and leaving us in the lurch. The way I feel right now I’d sell him whilst he is still out there before the deadline. Still if he can change his mind and go back on his word, why can’t we? I know it’s an emotional reaction and I’m lashing out in the heat of the moment like he did after scoring for Manchester  City against Arsenal but that’s how his behaviour and this defeat make me feel.

I wouldn’t be so angry if it had been a defeat to a top Premier league side and we had gone down fighting but the team didn’t play like it was in a sudden death cup game that they really cared about. I was surprised by Andre Villas-Boas comments in the immediate post-match interview. He said something like everybody knows that we struggle when we have to chase a game, as if that’s OK then. Well it’s not. If that’s true then he needs to do something about it quick because it is not OK to be the team that even Championship sides know struggles as soon as we go a goal down. It can be accepted as a one-off but not as an understood characteristic of the side. And he said the squad doesn’t need strengthening. Hmm. I’ll put it down to the difficulty of choosing the right words in the immediate aftermath of such a defeat and hope it’s not what he really thinks on either point. I need a drink. Shame I’m teetotal these days. Aaaaaaaargh!

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