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Alan's View - Pep Guardiola for Tottenham? (Summer, 2016)

Wednesday, 16th January, 2013 Bayern Munich announce that Pep Guardiola has signed a 3 year contract to be their coach. I was pleased to see him chose a great traditional football club over the really vulgar money and demands for instant success at the obvious Premier League candidates.

Where do Chelsea turn now? You have to laugh. They have tried and dumped all the best managers already and have won fewer home games this season than ever. Despite fluking the Champions League last season, they are a bit of a laughing stock. The decisions from the top, penny for penny for the money spent, in some ways rival Blackburn’s and that’s saying something.

Guardiola’s decision feels more like a football decision than a financial one, like Robin Van Persie’s decision to choose Manchester United last summer. If Alex Ferguson carries on for another few years, I could still see Guardiola’s next port of call to be there too. You never know though, by then Tottenham might be a really attractive proposition, even for him.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments on Guardiola’s appointment were reported in an article in the Daily Mail,

I am surprised because I didn’t see it coming. All the time the speculation was about clubs in England. But if you assess it as a coach, Bayern Munich is hard to turn down because they are one of the best run clubs in Europe. With all these aspects, it is very easy to choose Bayern Munich.”

Andre Villas-Boas

I do keep forgetting just how young Andre Villas-Boas is. 35? In that context, his achievements and the way he handles himself are even more impressive. If he can manage to achieve some success with Spurs, the world will be his oyster.

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